OCAD University’s Social Media Terms of Use

Thanks for following OCAD University’s social media channels. Here is what you can expect when you engage with us. Some of the university’s social channels may have more detailed terms of use, or different hours of operation. Please check individual channels for more information.

Where to find us:

What you can expect from OCAD University social media channels

Our social channels vary in terms of frequency and content, but usually publish several times a day, on weekdays and occasionally on weekends. We’ll post, tweet or retweet helpful information such as upcoming deadlines, event information and stories about our students, alumni, faculty and staff, and link you to more detailed information and resources when available. We also share news articles, stories or other content we think will be of interest to our diverse community

OCAD University’s social media channel coordinators reserve the right to determine what content our channels will share; what content is considered inappropriate, abusive, offensive or spam; and which users may be banned or blocked from a social channel.

When we are asked to share information with our followers, OCAD University prioritizes content from or relating to academic or campus life, our students, alumni, faculty, partners and collaborators. OCAD University reserves the right to refuse to share content with our followers

Keep in mind:

  • For any matter that is confidential, or too complicated for a micro-post channel such as Twitter, please contact us via our online contact directory.
  • Most channels are monitored during regular business hours, unless otherwise specified. During this time we will make our best efforts to respond to your questions in a timely manner.
  • OCAD University uses social media to listen to voices and impressions about the university and its community. This can include but is not limited to mentions, images or videos of:
    • The university’s name, in any of its forms;
    • Future and current students, staff, faculty, alumni, partners and collaborators;
    • Events, programs or other initiatives.
  • OCAD University’s social channels are committed to engaging with participants. We’ll probably follow you back, because we’re interested in what you have to say. If you would rather we didn’t, just let us know. OCAD University channel coordinators reserve the right select which channels are followed, and will not follow channels that appear to be spam, hateful or otherwise unacceptable.
  • Disagreements and constructive arguments are welcome as part of our social media channel discussions. However, the university will not respond to and may refuse tweets, posts or comments that are, but not limited to:
    • Considered breaches of provincial and Canadian law, or unacceptable pursuant to university policy
    • Contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • Contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code, such as racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic
    • Considered to be abusive, discriminatory, slanderous or defamatory, life-threatening, insulting, and inappropriate, offensive or unlawful
    • Threats, assaults or other speech contrary to the Canadian Criminal Code and/or the Provincial Offences Act such as:
      • Serious, unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals, or organizations
      • Aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene, or pornographic material
    • Messages where the sender is not the author
    • Messages for advertising purposes, and
    • Unintelligible messages

Participants who repeatedly post such material on OCAD U social channels may be banned or blocked at the discretion of the university’s social media coordinators. Such behaviour and content may also be subject to recourse in accordance with OCAD University policies.

  • In the case of ongoing investigations or legal proceedings, OCAD University will not be able to comment.
  • The views of participants commenting on our social media channels do not necessarily represent the views of OCAD University.
  • The volume of inquiries received via any of our social channels can be very high. We cannot commit to responding to everyone, but we will try our best. Similar questions to yours may have already been asked and answered on our channels, especially at certain times during the academic cycle when your peers may also be wondering the same thing. We recommend having a look through recent posts and comments on a given channel before you submit an inquiry. We will generally respond to questions during regular business hours.
  • OCAD University is committed to disclosure, truthfulness, transparency, and honesty. University representatives will clearly identify themselves in their social media communications, and will never conceal their identity.
  • Although we will attempt to help you to the best of our ability, we can’t guarantee, especially in Twitter’s 140-character limit, that we will understand your question completely or answer it accurately. By contacting us through any of our social media platforms, you acknowledge that any response we provide to you through these platforms is intended to provide helpful information or resources and is not considered to be definitive advice or a guarantee to solve your issue.
  • OCAD University representatives strive to ensure the information they share in social media is as accurate as possible before posting. However, errors happen. When they do, we endeavour to correct them as quickly and visibly as possible.

Your use of OCAD University’s social media channels and their content is at your own risk. OCAD U does not represent or warrant that these platforms, applications or web pages will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that these sites are free of viruses or other harmful code, nor does OCAD U represent or warrant the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability or appropriateness of the content they contain.

OCAD University’s conducts all communication in the English language.


To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, do not include your own personal information or that of others — such as phone numbers or email addresses — in your tweets, posts or comments.

Our social media channels are publicly accessible and our tweets, posts and comments are visible. Your own tweets, comments or posts may also be visible, depending on your privacy settings. Your rights and responsibilities, privacy, and the retention of information on social media platforms is governed by the terms and conditions set out in that platform’s policies. Familiarize yourself with them and follow their policies. Links to these policies can usually be found in the footer information of most platform homepages. Read more about OCAD University's commitment to access to Information & Privacy.

For more information please contact OCAD University’s Social Media Officer.

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