Board of Governors - Idris Mootee


Idris Mootee

Chief Executive Officer, Idea Couture

Idris is the co-founder of Urbancoolab, a company focuses on advancing applied AI in computational creativity. Prior to that he was the co-founder and global CEO of Idea Couture for 12 years until the firm was acquired. Idea Couture has built its reputation as the most sought after innovation firm for Fortune 500s with offices in Toronto, San Francisco, London Amsterdam, New York City, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. Idris has a proven executive management track record and over 25 years of experience building business from scratch, he is passionate about building high performance teams to drive product innovation, velocity and scale. Idea Couture has helped created more than US$2 billion of economic value for its clients in one year.

He is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in robust business models and technology foresights. Respected as a credible voice in the industry, a big design thinker, a master strategist, serial entrepreneur and "foresight machine", Idris is one of the most sought after board-level advisor on strategy and innovation. He designed and taught the Design Thinking for Business Creativity for Corporate Innovation program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is the author of four books on innovation and business strategy – including the best seller Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation in more than 6 languages. Idris is actively investing in early stage start-ups and devotes a significant amount of time to helping founders on applied design thinking in strategic innovation.