Professional Development

Under the MOA, each Tenured, Probationary and Continuing Faculty member is allotted $1000 per year for eligible expenses relating to their professional development. Although not guaranteed under the MOA, the university is extending a similar benefit of $350 to each permanent technician and academic counsellor. These amounts are prorated for workload and available per academic year. Eligible expenses are outlined under section 21.4.2 of the MOA. Only expenses incurred within the current fiscal year (June 1 - May 31) are eligible within any given year. Members may use the form below to request their allotment at any time prior to the end of the University’s fiscal year, May 31. 

Professional Development Expense Form

Faculty members should familiarize themselves with the University's Reimbursement Policy as it governs all claims made under the annual professional development amount.

Please note that currently CLTA, TIS, sessional and contract academic staff are NOT eligible for PD funding. Copies of these forms are available on this website. Paper copies can be obtained by request from the Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost, by contacting Lynn D'Souza at

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