Graduate Exhibition Policy

The Graduate Exhibition is the highlight of OCAD University's academic year – it provides an opportunity for students and faculty to celebrate their accomplishments via a showcase of work accomplished during that academic year. The Exhibition is a community enterprise – a moment to appreciate the richness in diversity which characterizes this unique cultural laboratory. As a public interface, it builds bridges from the studio, lab or workshop to the real world – and allows a broad spectrum
of visitors a chance to see what we do, and to develop awareness and appreciation of art and design as vital elements of human aspiration and endeavour. It is a key element for building OCADU’s reputation in the "outside" world.

While it is not mandatory that graduating students exhibit their work, the University strongly encourages students to participate in this community experience – as the culminating activity of their educational experience at OCADU.

To clarify protocols and to serve the interests of student exhibitors and the University at large in creating a Graduate Exhibition which represents high standards of inquiry and achievement, the following policy has been established:

OCAD University Graduate Exhibition Policy

The Graduate Exhibition will include the work of all students who are eligible to graduate at the end of Winter term, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) According to University policy, students are eligible to graduate if they:

  • have fulfilled all program requirements
  • are in good academic standing with an overall average of at least 60%
  • have an average of at least 65% in the designated courses of their major/program
  • have no outstanding accounts at the university.

2) Students who have not completed all program requirements but have been engaged in Thesis or final Major Studio work may be eligible to exhibit their work at the discretion of their Faculty.

3) The Graduate Exhibition Sub-Committees of both Art and Design comprising faculty and student representatives from all program areas will oversee the installation of the exhibition.

4) The Graduate Exhibition Sub-Committees reserve the right to alter the display in consultation with faculty and the student(s) whose work is in question.

5) Participating students are responsible for set-up and take-down of the exhibition, including preparation, clean-up and de-mounting of exhibition areas, with help from the Graduate Exhibition Sub-Committees.

6) The University takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of student work exhibited at the Graduate Exhibition. However, the University must disclaim liability for loss or damage to works displayed during the exhibition. Students are encouraged to participate actively during the exhibition to help monitor the display of their work and to interact with visitors.

The above-stated Graduate Exhibition Policies are circulated to students and faculty by email.

The University reserves the right to revise these policies in consultation with the Graduation and Graduate Exhibition Committee of Academic Council.

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