Message from the Provost: Florence Program Review Report

In October 2017 I announced a strategic review of the Florence Off-Campus Studies Program, to be led by Dr. Vladimir Spicanovic, Dean, Faculty of Art, Ms Deanne Fisher, Vice-Provost, Students & International and Dr. Caroline Langill, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

The review team consulted with a range of faculty, alumni and other stakeholders and investigated business models that ensured cost recovery. The team also considered how the program operates in the context of the priorities of the OCAD University Academic Plan, with its articulation of principles of decolonization, equity and inclusion.

Their recommendation is for the Faculty of Art program to continue, but as a one-semester model, with a review of the curriculum to be undertaken in Fall 2018. The recommendation includes investment in revenue generating activities to animate the studio in the remaining months and, ultimately, reduce the financial impact of maintaining the studio and the program. 

The Florence Off-Campus Studies Program is OCAD U’s only permanent-running international program, with a nearly 45-year history. As the review team has heard, it has had an indelible impact on its approximately 1000 alumni. The recommendation to continue with the Faculty of Art’s program, while shortened, will allow the university to diversify the impact of the program in Florence, mitigate risk, and ensure the studio is accessible to members across the OCAD U community. 

Read the full report here.


Dr. Gillian Siddall, Vice-President Academic & Provost