Message from Dr. Gillian Siddall, VP Academic and Provost

OCAD University’s Academic Plan 2017-2022: Transforming Student Experience was approved at Senate on January 30, 2017 after a year and a half of consultations with faculty, staff, students, Senate, Senate committees, the Board of Governors, the Aboriginal Education Council, and other stakeholders within the OCAD University community. The process was led by the Academic Plan Steering Committee, and I would like to acknowledge the dedicated and hard work of all those who served on that committee:

Caroline Langill, Anda Kubis, Jana Macalik, Michael Prokopow, Helmut Reichenbächer, Angelika Seeschaf-Veres, Johanna Householder, Ryan Rice, Andrea Fatona, Robert Diaz, Peter Coppin, Justin Hartlieb-Power, Kiri Piotrowski, Tori Maas, Deanne Fisher, Jill Patrick, Amanda Hotrum.

The theme of this plan is transformation. The six guiding principles that underwrite the 15 priorities identified in the Academic Plan 2017-2022 articulate a commitment to creating an inclusive, accessible, and dynamic environment in which our students can acquire the skills and knowledge to take on the key questions of our time. These principles encompass a profound commitment to social and academic innovation and establish the basis for the academic plan’s priorities and strategic goals. 

We are committed to educating students who will make transformative contributions in local and global communities, equipped with a strong sense of ethical responsibility, informed and produced by highly developed making and critical thinking skills. They will be artists and designers who are grounded in humanities, social science and science knowledge. We are also committed to building on our long history of internationally recognized creative and professional practice and our burgeoning program of research, scholarship and innovation.



OCAD U 2017-2022 ACADEMIC PLAN with picture of Sharp Centre for Design

During the academic planning consultation process, the steering committee held sessions with each of the following:

Aboriginal Education Council
Board of Governors Retreat
Continuing Studies Committee
Executive Team Retreat
Gallery Staff Meeting
IT Services Staff Meeting
Indigenous Student Association
Management Group
OCAD Student Union Executives and Board of Directors
Open Meetings with Faculty and Staff
Open Meetings with Students
Research Committee
Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee
Senate Graduate Studies Committee
Senate Meetings
Senate Quality Assurance Committee
Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee
Student Services Staff Meetings
Studio Facilities Staff Meeting
Teaching and Learning Committee
Aboriginal Education Council