Minor Modifications

OCAD U defines minor modifications as changes to courses and curriculum that do not constitute a significant change, such as:

  • Changes to course sequencing;
  • The addition of new required or elective courses and the deletion of required or elective courses;
  • Changes to course titles and course descriptions;
  • Changes to course numbers, credit weighting of elective courses and contact hours in studio, lecture, seminar, tutorial or other components;
  • Changes to course design, mode of delivery, course learning outcomes, or teaching and assessment methods;
  • New or updated academic and program regulations, such as revisions to prerequisites or minor changes to admission requirements, and other changes that may affect other programs or Faculties.

Minor modifications can occur at the program level or involve non-program specific offerings. Changes may include:

  • Making a course in one Faculty mandatory in another
  • Changes to or suspension of a minor or specialization
  • Minor changes to program admission requirements, prerequisites, or change in program name

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