Major Modifications

OCAD U defines a major modification as a change in significant components of a program. Major modifications to programs typically include one or more of the following:

  • Requirements for the program that differ significantly from those existing at the time of the previous cyclical program review or when the program was initially approved if the program has not gone through cyclical review;
  • Significant changes to program learning outcomes;
  • Significant changes in the faculty engaged in delivering the program;
  • Significant changes in the delivery mode of the program (e.g. different campus, online or hybrid program rather than classroom);

The Vice-President, Academic and Provost with consultation with the Dean and the Senate Quality Assurance Committee where appropriate, and following the guidelines provided by the Quality Assurance Framework and OCAD U’s IQAP Policy, is the final arbiter regarding what constitutes a major modification.

A Major Modification to an Existing Program is identified within the Faculty, Program Area or Graduate Studies and proposed in consultation with the Dean through a Letter of Intent before the development of a proposal brief can proceed.

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