IQAP Reporting

Final Assessment Reports

The last stage of a cyclical program review involves producing a Final Assessment Report and Implementation Plan. The report synthesizes the cyclical review report and notes areas of significant strength, opportunities for program improvement and enhancement, and the agreed-upon plans for improvement. It also includes recommendations regarding a prioritization of tasks, and features an Implementation Plan that identifies who is responsible for approving the recommendations set out in the Final Assessment Report, who will be responsible for providing any resources made necessary by those recommendations, who will be responsible for acting on those recommendations, and timelines for acting on and monitoring the implementation of those recommendations.

Faculty of Art

Integrated Media (June 2013) 
Sculpture and Installation (June 2013)
Photography (June 2015) 
Printmaking (June 2015) 
Criticism and Curatorial Practice (November 2017)
Drawing and Painting (May 2019)

Faculty of Design

Graphic Design (June 2013)
Illustration (June 2013)
Industrial Design (June 2015)
Environmental Design (October 2017)

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Digital Futures (February 2019)

Graduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design (June 2015) 
Criticism and Curatorial Practice (October 2017)
Strategic Foresight and Innovation (October 2017)
Digital Futures (February 2019)

Quality Assurance Audit

The University is required to undergo an audit by the Quality Council on an eight (8) year cycle to review and ensure our procedures and processes align with our IQAP policy.

Summary of Principal Findings of the Quality Assurance Audit (September 2019)

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