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Feltro by Sam Kennedy, developed in partnership with OCAD U’s start-up incubator Imagination Catalyst.

Industrial Design

Designing products and processes that take into account the next seven generations, including consumer and commercial products; furniture; interaction and experience design; strategic creativity; applied innovation.

"Feltro" by Sam Kennedy, developed in partnership with OCAD U’s start-up incubator Imagination Catalyst.

Guided through international faculty and innovative curriculum, the Industrial design program situates its practice within the rapid challenges of the 21stcentury with all its current and future challenges and need for resiliency and sustainable growth. At the center of Industrial Design (ID) lies the relationships between users, makers and designers. Learn about the relations and interactions that design can create between users, resources, technology, culture, economy and ecology. 

Studying ID at breaking out of conventions, get acquainted with multiple perspectives and different ways of knowing and design ethics, understanding the future as a material through which sustainable products, services and interactions can be created within social, economic and planetary boundaries. 

Immerse yourself in focused training, critical and systems thinking through applied research and experimentation, hands-on thinking through making, engaging with, interdisciplinary end explorative art and design inquiry and practice based collaborative learning with different industries and communities.  

Select from an array of minors and other university level disciplines to prepare you to elevate your creativity and succeed through lifelong learning in a dynamic work and global landscape.  


• Design of products 

• Systems and service design  

• Design with and for emerging technologies  

• Interaction and experience design  

• Product and service design for health and wellness sector. 




ID Book

Design thinking in Making


Industrial Design Curriculum

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