Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement 3: The Questions of our Time

‘We seek and respond to the questions of our time to enrich our disciplines and act as transformative social, economic, environmental and cultural agents.’

At the heart of design and art are fields of tension, disruption and invention.

These fields provoke new questions, making art and design a source of major discoveries and solutions, and evidence of creativity and embodied practice in action. Addressing the questions of our time requires interdisciplinary collaboration and critical inquiry in curriculum and research. At OCAD University, we integrate humanities and science processes, methods and knowledge into our capacities as artists and designers.

As makers of new techniques, tools and processes, our researchers, artists and designers continually experiment with more humane and environmentally responsible technologies. Identifying data as one of our richest, most abundant art mediums and design materials, we analyze and express it in meaningful ways. With it, we venture into the unknown, promoting creative numeracy.

New approaches to social justice issues necessitate a post-disciplinarity at that both informs and responds to the transformative potential of community. The connections among academic, public, industry and not-for-profit bodies inspire innovation. Art and design play a positive role in this entrepreneurial ecosystem, putting human factors at the centre of industry futures. By supporting a paradigm shift towards creative economies that are fundamentally shaped by art and design, we help emerging generations that are driven by necessity to develop new industrial forms and companies.