Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement 1: You

‘We invite you to build aware, generous and joyful communities that integrate multiple perspectives and critical practices.’

OCAD University empowers learners through an environment that facilitates access and choice beyond the traditional classroom and studio. Here, striving for an inclusive, diverse, accessible and open culture fuels innovative structures that encourage students to develop their own learning pathways. We move from what to learn to how to learn, designing and redesigning the critical practices core to our heritage in art and design. This fluidity extends to faculty, allowing for mobility between departments and institutions.

Our artists, designers and researchers are intrinsically embedded in communities, establishing the powerful reach of a diffuse campus. As a site of permeable learning, we create new roles and relationships among individuals, culture, organizations, industries and governance systems.

This focus on community creates resources and conditions that promote generosity, joy, health and well-being. We acknowledge that learning doesn’t begin and end with an OCAD U degree, and we are inspired by a ‘Kindergarten to 100’ philosophy. We bridge generations of experience and increase access to cultural and ancestral knowledge as these are among our most valuable resources.