Vision and Mission Statements


Transformed By Imaginations

OCAD University challenges you to audaciously and responsibly pursue the questions of our time through the powerful interplay of art, design, the social sciences, humanities, and the sciences.

Mission Statement


We invite you to build aware, generous and joyful communities that integrate multiple perspectives and critical practices.

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Audacious and Responsible Pursuit

We nurture diversity and resilience, and practice equity, inclusion, sustainability, and respect for Indigenous voices and cultures.  

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The Questions of our Time

We seek and respond to the questions of our time to enrich our disciplines and act as transformative social, economic, environmental, and cultural agents.

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The Powerful Interplay of Art, Design, the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Sciences

We engage with materials, data, technologies, ideas and pedagogy and diverse Indigenous perspectives to support unique research, studio practice and learning, creating interdisciplinary and emergent forms of knowledge.

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