Top ten financial checklist

Whether you are a new or returning OCAD U student, financial planning is an important step in ensuring your success at university. The Financial Aid & Awards office is here to help. Your education costs may be met by a variety of sources, including OSAP, bursaries, scholarships, awards and opportunities to work on campus. Follow the checklist below and let us help guide you through your financial planning. 

  1. Estimate your expenses, including your tuition and fees.
  2. Consider your financial resources, such as summer income, money from your parents or loans.
  3. Calculate your financial need. Total expenses - total resources = financial need. Reduce costs or increase resources as required. Meet with us to learn how to make a budget and read our budgeting tips here.
  4. Apply for OSAP or other funding programs, See all OSAP deadlines under the Apply for OSAP page.
  5. Apply for bursaries. Deadlines vary!
  6. Apply for awards. The deadline will be posted in February of each year. 
  7. Check your OSAP online application status, if applicable, to ensure everything is in order. When your funding is available, it will pay your tuition first, then deposited into your bank account.
  8. Pay your tuition fees. Fall semester fees are due September 11, 2019.
  9. Apply for student jobs through OCAD U's work study plan. Most jobs will be posted in August and go quickly!
  10. Opt into/out of the Student Insurance Plans (Health & Dental).

Remember, we're here to help! We're happy to meet with you one-on-one to discuss your circumstances. Contact us.

“You've dealt with me freaking out about being broke. You've seen me at my worst and my best, requesting emergency bursaries and accepting surprising awards. I've been an OCAD U student for six years, and poor for the majority of that time. I never would have gotten this far without all your help, patience and understanding. Please don't forget how many people wouldn't have been able to afford/find help affording education here without you."

Kat O'Shaughnessy, an OCAD U graduate