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President's walk through at the 98th annual OCAD U Graduate Exhibition. Photo by Martin Iskander.


OCAD University has a bi-cameral governance system with a Board of Governors and a Senate.

President's walk through at the 98th annual OCAD U Graduate Exhibition. Photo by Martin Iskander.

Board of Governors

The Ontario College of Art & Design University Act, 2002, (amended 2010) states that “the Board of Governors is responsible for governing and managing the affairs of the university and has the necessary powers to do so. The Board consists of members from the external community, including 6 individuals appointed by the Ontario government, 2 elected by the OCAD U Alumni, and 10 by the Board itself. There are also 8 internal Board members drawn from the OCAD U community, elected by staff, management and student representatives as well as faculty members cross-appointed by the Senate. The President and the Chancellor are ex-officio voting internal members.

In its meetings the Board establishes policy and institutional priorities for the university. It makes major operating decisions and receives reports from the President; Vice-President, Academic & Provost; Vice-President, Advancement & Board Secretariat; Vice-President, Finance & Administration; Vice-President, Research & Innovation; the Senate; Chairs of standing and ad hoc committees; and representatives of academic and administrative areas at the university, as needed. Standing committees of the Board include the Executive; Audit, Finance and Risk; Human Resources; Investment; and Physical Resources and Capital Assets Committees. There is also a Senate Liaison Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee. Ad hoc committees and task forces are established from time to time as required.

OCAD University Board of Governors General By-Law No 1

General By-Law No. 1 of the Ontario College of Art & Design University, Approved by the Board of Governors, June 2016

Ontario College of Art & Design University Act

Ontario College of Art & Design University Act, 2002

The Board is committed to making its processes and decisions as transparent as possible. Meetings are open to all members of the university community.

Board Meetings

Board meeting dates for 2017-2018

Minutes of each meeting will be posted after approval by the Board of Governors.

2013/2014 Meetings

September 23, 2013 Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2013 Special Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2014 Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes

2014/2015 Meetings

July 3, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2014 Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2015 Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes

2015/2016 Meetings

October 5, 2015 Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2015 Special Meeting Minutes
December 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2016 Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2016 Meeting Minutes

2016/2017 Meetings

October 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2016 Special Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2017 Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2017 Meeting Minutes

2017/2018 Meetings

August 23, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

Board Secretary

Communication to the Board of Governors should be addressed to Carole Beaulieu, Vice-President, Advancement & Board Secretariat.

Presidential Leadership

Board Communications

Executive Compensation Program

Current membership

External Members Appointed by the Government of Ontario

David P. Holland, CPA, CA
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Torstar Corporation

Dr. Myrna Francis
Vice Chair, OCAD University Board of Governors
President, Mfran Enterprises Inc.

Helen Kearns
President & CEO, Bell Kearns & Associates Ltd.

Mark Robert
Co-Founder of The Carlu

2 vacancies

External Members Elected by the Board of Governors

Sharifa Khan
President and CEO, Balmoral Marketing Inc.

John Albright
Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Relay Ventures

Dr. Claude Galipeau
Vice-Chair, OCAD University Board of Governors
Chief Revenue Officer, Torstar Corporation

Lanita Layton
Managing Director, HUGO BOSS Canada

Idris Mootee
Chief Executive Officer, Idea Couture

Paul Rowan
Co-Founder and Vice-President, Inspiration, Umbra

Jaime Watt
Chair, OCAD University Board of Governor
Executive Chairman, Navigator Ltd.

Carol Weinbaum
Executive Vice-President, Operations, WJ Properties

2 vacancies

External Members Elected by the OCADU Alumni Association

Virginia Trieloff
President of OCAD U Alumni Association

1 vacancy pending elections in Spring 2018

Internal Members

Dr. Sara Diamond
President, OCAD University

Salah J. Bachir, CM, LLD
Chancellor, OCAD University

Members elected by Faculty & appointed by the Senate

b.h. Yael
Senate Chair and Professor, Faculty of Art, Integrated Media Program

Bonnie Devine
Associate Professor, Faculties of Art, Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Indigenous Visual Culture Program

Dr. Charles Reeve
Associate Professor, Faculties of Liberal Arts & Sciences/School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Art

Members elected by Managers and Staff

Andre De Freitas
Manager, Financial Aids & Awards

Alvaro Araya
Senior Infrastructure Operations Analyst

Member elected by Graduate Students

1 vacancy following Fall 2017 elections process and Winter 2018 By-elections processes until next election process as per section 6.4(f) of the Board By-Laws

Members elected by Undergraduate Students

Matthew Grimm
Fourth Year Student in Criticism and Curatorial Practice for Bachelor of Fine Arts

Eric Hanson
Fourth Year Student in Advertising Program for Bachelor of Design