Buying materials

Consumable materials can be purchased from a Studio Technician or Class Assistant during open studio hours. Please check schedules to ensure you are not interrupting classes when buying materials. Materials are purchased using OCAD University tickets, or through the OCAD U Payable system (no cash). Tickets can be obtained from the OCAD U Campus Bookstore at 51 McCaul St. Please note that the Payable system has not been launched in all Shops and Studios, and students must purchase materials with tickets if the system is unavailable.

Class supply tickets and print vouchers are no longer available at the Cashier, which is now located at 230 Richmond St. West, on the 7th floor. Please visit the Cashier to pay tuition and fees.

Some studio supplies are available through the Studio Management Vending Machine. It is located just outside the Sculpture and Installation/First Year Shop (Room 170). Students can use cash in the vending machine to purchase tools and supplies, such as epoxy, USB keys, knives and personal protective equipment.  

Students are also welcome to purchase materials from outside vendors; however, students MUST check with Studio Technicians to ensure the material can be safely handled on campus.