Guardly Safe Campus™

Download the Basic Mobile App Setup Guide.

OCAD University invites you to join and use the free Guardly mobile application for safety on campus for all students and employees.

Smartphones with the Guardly interface

The Guardly app on a Windows 7 phone, iPhone and Blackberry.OCAD University takes your safety on and off campus very seriously. As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen and improve our ability to respond to all kinds of emergency incidents, Campus Services & Security is proud to offer the revolutionary new Safe Campus™ service.

Safe Campus™ transforms your smartphone into a blue light emergency phone console, putting access to a campus security dispatcher and your own personal security network directly into your pocket.

Instead of needing to find one of these consoles to signal distress, OCAD U students, faculty and staff can now access help simply by activating the Guardly application on a smartphone.

How it Works

During an active emergency incident, Guardly uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation to track location, and provides this information to a campus security dispatcher. For privacy purposes, location tracking is only enabled once you trigger an alert. Your extended safety network can also provide input to campus security to aid in response efforts.

Guardly Safe Campus™ also makes it easier for anyone with physical disabilities or sensory impairments to reach help. And, since Safe Campus™ is built upon the Guardly infrastructure, if you have an emergency off-campus, the Guardly mobile application can still be used to notify up to 15 emergency contacts as well as 9-1-1 services, further extending the value of the service to OCAD U community members.

About Guardly

Guardly is a platform for emergency communication that facilitates rapid social, mobile and location-aware responses to calls for assistance. An incubator company of OCAD University's Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC), Guardly developed its core infrastructure and its first mobile application for iPhone during its 6-month incubation. It was also during this key period that Guardly, through discussions with key personnel at OCAD U's campus security and security teams at other universities, learned about how the technology could help higher educational institutions keep campuses safe. The Guardly app works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7 phones.