A joint proposal to integrate Sustainability with Diversity & Equity Initiatives was developed in February 2014 by Vice-President, Finance and Administration; IT Services; and Diversity & Equity Initiatives. It was supported by the Sustainability Working Group and by the Educational and Employment Equity Committee.

This shift reflects OCAD University’s institutional commitment to developing and advancing a vision of "just sustainability" that foregrounds equity and creates new ways of understanding and acting that strengthen communities; build social capacity and economic strength; and promote positive transformation and change. Incorporating sustainability into an office that is arms-length from the administration and reports to the president will enhance the profile of sustainability and will assist in meeting the strategic priority of developing and implementing an institution-wide sustainability plan that promotes constituent engagement. 

There is a long history of sustainability at OCAD U and sustainability initiatives must be informed, shaped and driven by the subject matter expertise of faculty, staff and students. As such, ODESI welcomes your participation as we expand the Sustainability Working Group to ensure that key constituents and thought leaders are involved in developing and advancing OCAD U’s vision of sustainability and the mandate of sustainability in ODESI.

Our services are available to all OCAD U students, employees, visitors and volunteers. The office does not advocate for any individual or group. The office advocates for fairness and for an inclusive community, where dignity and human rights of all its members are respected and upheld.