Laptop Program

Am I going to need a laptop at OCAD U?

Yes. If you're entering First Year, Second or Third Year in September 2016, you will need a laptop. If you are applying for Advanced Standing, you will need a laptop in most of our programs. For a full list of Laptop Programs, view our knowledgebase article Laptop Program: About the Laptop Program.

What kind of laptop do I need?

In most cases, you will need an Apple MacBook Pro, which is what most students choose. For a comprehensive list, read about Laptop Program: About the Laptop Program

Where do I buy my Laptop?

If you're entering in September 2016, don't buy a laptop yet. There will be new models and special pricing for OCAD U students available via a special storefront once you become a student here.

To learn more about Purchasing options, read our Laptop Program: Purchasing Options knowledgebase page.

Do I need to buy software?

We license all the software you will require on campus such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and You will be charged a series of fees on your Student Fees Account to cover the costs.

What does the Laptop Program cost?

The cost varies by program between $310 and $445 annually ($155 - $222.50 per semester in the Fall and Winter only). Students > Financial Matters > Tuition & Fees > Laptop Program Fees

What is the Laptop Program?

The Laptop Program provides software and support for students bringing their own laptops to OCAD U for their learning and instruction in art and design. Your laptop is the primary computer you will use on campus, in specific courses, studios and open areas between classes.

How do I find out more?

First, check out knowledgebase which include frequently asked questions:

Please email the Laptop Help Desk or contact Andrew McAllister with your questions.