If there is a credit balance on your account after all fees and charges are paid and cleared for the previous or current academic terms,

You may leave the funds on your account to be automatically applied against any new fees and charges for a future academic term; or

You may request for a refund for a credit balance over $10 prior to the end date of the current academic term.

To request a refund, please submit the Tuition Refund Request Form to the Cashier's Office or via e-mail to All refunds will be issued by cheque within two to three weeks of your request.

Please note that the $500 admission deposit for first year students are non-refundable.

If you drop course(s), please ensure that all course changes are completed before requesting a refund.

If you drop course(s) or withdraw from your program, and you have outstanding OSAP loans, OCAD University is required by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to send some or all of the credit balance remaining on your account first to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) to be applied against your outstanding student loan balance. Any remaining credit balance will then be refunded to you. You may check your refund amount to the NSLSC by logging into your CanLearn student account at

If you receive a scholarship, award or bursary, you may be entitled to a refund if the funds received exceed the fees and charges on your account. If you drop course(s) or withdraw from your program, some or all of your scholarship, award or bursary may be reversed. Refund will be first applied to any financial aid & award program from which you received the funds. Please contact Financial Aid & Awards Office at for more information. 

Refund Schedule

You may withdraw from course(s) anytime up until the final deadline published in Dates and Deadlines. A partial refund may be granted for withdrawals early in the term. See the applicable Refund Withdrawal Schedule for details.

To withdraw from a course, you must drop it from your course schedule in myOCADU Records by the published deadlines (using the 'drop' button). Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal, nor does notifying your faculty or administrative staff. 

2017 Spring/Summer Undergraduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule

2017 Spring/Summer Graduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule

Older Refund Schedule


2016 2017 Fall Winter Undergraduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule

2016 2017 Fall Winter Graduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule

2016 Summer Undergraduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule

2016 Summer Graduate Refund Withdrawal Schedule