Laptop Program Fees

  • Students in the Laptop Program pay fees on an annual basis for software and support.
  • Laptop fees are specific to your program and year of entry, are charged automatically upon registration, and are mandatory.
  • Laptop Fees appear under "Laptop Fees" tab on the Student Finance account activity.
  • The annual cost of fees are split 50/50 between Fall and Winter. Students who only enroll in one semester pay 50%. No fees are charged in Summer.
  • More information can be found on the OCAD U website IT Services, Laptop Program Guide or contact the IT Services Help Desk
Program 2016 Admit Year 2015 Admit Year Previous Admit Years

Faculty of Art

First Year Art 316 316 310
Integrated Media & Digital Painting and Expanded Animation   428 428 310
Photography 316 316 310
Drawing and Painting 316 316 310
Printmaking 316 316 310
Criticism & Curatorial Practice 316 316 310
Sculpture/Installation 316 316 310
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Publications 316 316 310
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies 316 316 310

Faculty of Design

First Year and Expansion Studio Courses      
Advertising 398 398 350
Graphic Design 398 398 350
Industrial Design 413 372 372
Environmental Design 445 404 404
Material Art & Design 391 391 350
Illustration 356 356 350
School of Interdisciplinary Studies      
Digital Futures 316 316 310
Indigenous Visual Culture 316 316 310

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual and Critical Studies 316 316 310

Graduate Studies

Digital Futures 306 306 300
Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design 306 306 300

Laptop Fees appear under "Laptop Fees" tab on the Student Finance account activity.

What's Included in the Fees?

Starting in 2016-17, we include all of your software licensing, support and print fees in one blended fee per program area. These fees vary per program area due to varying software per program and Print Credits.

  • Approximately 55% of the fee is for software licensing. This include Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and Windows licensing Variations in the fee account for per program software.
  • Approximately 40% of the fee is for support. This is for staff support at the IT Services Help Desk, Loaner Laptops (in case yours breaks), dongles, power adapters and other hardware required to support our service.
  • The remainder is for Print Credits and which is applied to your Print Account

Fee levels vary by admit year to account for students who already paid one-time fees for perpetual licenses of software.

Fees are subject to change on an annual basis and approval by Senate and the Board of Governors.