Domestic Tuition Undergraduate


2016 Summer Domestic Undergraduate Tuition Fee Schedule

The total fees due is based on the number of credits the student registers for per term.  Fee totals do not include program and/or course related fees such as production material fees and laptop program fees. Please consult the Laptop Program Fees and the Production Materials Fees webpage for further information.

Details on the ancillary fees referred to in these schedules can be found on the Ancillary Fees page.

Dropping courses from your school schedule may have a financial impact on the student fees account. Information on tuition refunds can be found on the OCAD U website, Refunding on Withdrawal.

Note: Students normally take 5.0 credits per academic year in order to complete their program of study in four years.


2015-2016 Fall Winter Domestic Undergraduate Tuition Fee Schedule 

2015 Summer Domestic Undergraduate Tuition Fee Schedule