Graduate Studies awards

General information

Graduate Studies awards are available each June to fourth-year students who are graduating and wish to continue their studies at the master’s level (or equivalent) following their graduation from OCAD University. Two generous awards are available:

  • Sir Edmund Walker Award
  • Mudge Massey Travelling Award

Students who are interested in applying for these awards are encouraged to start researching schools early. For information on the criteria and procedure for these awards, please view the document below:

2015/2016 list of awards

Application process and deadlines

To apply to these awards, please use the form below. Students must also include a letter of intent and artist/designer statements. Applications are due Monday, March 21, 2016.

2015/2016 Graduate Studies proposal form - the deadline is now over
2015/2016 Fourth-year awards and medals application form- the deadline is now over

Jury day is April 29, 2016. 
(same day/set up as all other fourth-year awards/medals)