Facilities Projects

Facilities Projects oversees all the constructed-related work on the university campus from providing estimates, planning, proposing designs, consultant selection to approvals and project initiation.

  • Design and construction resources
  • Request a project
  • Project management
  • Interior renovations 
  • Product resourcing
  • On-site health and safety/workplace
  • Project scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Inter-departmental consulting

Services include:

  • Quick project consultation, drawings, estimates and schedules (no cost)
  • Consulting services under 100K (e.g., design, studies, architectural, engineering) (3 quotes required)
  • Consulting services over 100K (formal procurement process required)
  • Construction services under 100K (3 quotes required)
  • Construction services over 100K (formal procurement process required)
  • Designated substance air testing and remediation (typically urgent requests)
  • Information or records (e.g., floor plans, historical project information, warranties, O&M manuals, square footage) (no cost)
  • Request for strategic planning (e.g., real estate capital planning, forecasting, blocking and stacking) (no cost)