Moves and Transport

Planning and the move services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment, office moves of furnishings, large or small, and the storage and inventory are administered through Distribution Services.

  • Most routine moving/transport requirements of small goods occurring during normal working hours  are provided at no cost the department.
  • Departments requiring moving services outside of normal working hours will be required to fund such projects.
  • Estimates for the services are provided.
  • Special events off-campus moving services associated with OCAD University related functions; convocation, University fair, Graduate Exhibition, etc., may require prior approval from the Manager, Facilities Planning & Managment.
  • Large-scale moving services such as office and furniture moves are provided by external contractors will be coordinated and supervised by Facilities, Planning & Management staff and the costs may be recoverable from user departments.

Classroom/Special Event Support

Tables and chairs setup and tear down for classroom/studio spaces and special events. A sufficient supply only for minor functions, it strongly recommend that all departments determine their requirements while in advance of an event.