Facilities Maintenance is the process involved to maintain facilities and mechanical equipment on campus over the course of its useful life, and includes a wide range of services:

Routine building maintenance and repairs

  • Work task designed to address areas such as plumbing problems, light bulb replacement, doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floors maintenance, heating/air-conditioning needs, repairs to classroom/lobby  furniture fixtures and electrical problems

Electrical and lighting maintenance

  • Repair or replacement of switches, receptacles, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, interior and exterior lighting systems

Fire-suppression equipment

  • Fire-detection and suppression equipment to all public areas on campus

Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC)

  • Operations and routine maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, HVAC and building control systems across campus


  • Repairs, service and replacement of washbasins, sinks, toilets, hot and cold water faucets, drinking fountains and drainage systems on a regular basis


  • Regular repairs, maintenance request and non-maintenance carpentry services
  • Installations of items such as shelves, display units must submit a work order request


  • Coordination of the exterior and/or interior of the university buildings

Window coverings

  • Drapery repair, maintenance, replacement and cleaning are provided at no charge to all departments
  • Specialty window coverings and motorized roller blinds repaired or replaced at the cost of the user department

Floor coverings and care

  • Repair, maintenance and cleaning in common areas, offices and classrooms


  • Service, repair and regularly scheduled maintenance

Locks and doors

  • Installation and maintenance