General locker information

Student lockers at OCAD University are managed and administered through Facilities, Planning & Management.

Locker rentals are available to any currently registered student on a first-come, first-served basis once the semester commences and in various predetermined locations during the student-orientation period for the fall semester.

Locker rentals for the fall/winter session are available from September 6, 2016 and must be emptied by May 8, 2017.

To rent a locker, you must first visit the Cashier's office at (RHB 715B) 230 Richmond Street West Level 7, obtain your receipt and take it to the Facilities Planning & Management Help Desk at (MCF 220) 51 McCaul Street, Level 2. Please make sure you have a valid OCADU Student Card.

Terms and conditions

  • Lockers provided by OCAD U offer a basic level security for the convenience of students.
  • OCAD U assumes no responsibility for, nor custody of contents stored in lockers.
  • OCAD U shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to locker contents.
  • Locker contents remain the sole responsibility of the student at all times. Students should not store valuable items in lockers.
  • Students cannot make permanent alterations to lockers at any time during the course of the year.
  • Pre-existing damaged lockers must be reported within 7 days of initial rental.
  • Firearms, weapons, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia must not be placed in lockers
  • Locker fees are non-refundable.
  • Only OCAD U-issued padlocks are to be used on the lockers. All others will be removed without compensation.
  • Locks on lockers remain the property of OCAD U and must be left on the locker at end of term.
  • Lockers must be cleared out at the end of the winter term. Any items left in lockers will be disposed of.

Student responsibilities

  • Pay the listed fee due at the time the locker is rented.
  • Read and review the Locker Agreement provided by Facilities,Planning & Management staff.
  • Exercise caution when placing foods, liquids or other substances that may escape into adjacent lockers.
  • Keep lockers clean and odour-free at all times.
  • Report any maintenance problems with the locker, locker hardware or padlock to the Assistant, Facilities Planning & Management.
  • Promptly remove all locker contents by the posted date on the back of the locker card. Articles not cleared by the deadline date shall be considered abandoned and subject to removal by Distribution Services and discarded without compensation to the student.

Common questions about locker rentals

How do I rent a locker?
To rent a locker follow these steps: Make sure you have a valid OCADU Student ID card. Pay $15.00 at the Cashier's office located at (RHB 715B) 230 Richmond Street West, Level 7, obtain your receipt and take it to the Facilities Planning & Management office located at (MCF 220) 51 McCaul Street, Level 2. 

How much is a locker and why do I have to pay for it?
The locker fee is $15.00 for the locker rental for two consecutive semesters. The proceeds from locker rentals are used to administer the program. The program provides student employment and covers upgrades and maintenance.

What happens to the items you empty from a locker?
Most items removed from the locker beyond the locker clear out deadline will be discarded. Most art supplies will be donated to a local school. Electronics and wallets will be kept in lost and found for 30 days. All other items will be discarded.

Can I share a locker with a friend?
If you choose, you may share your locker with a friend but just remember that whoever signs up for the locker is responsible for the locker and the University assumes no responsibility for lost and stolen goods.

What happens if I get to my locker, but the door doesn’t work or it’s damaged?
If you discover that the locker you have been assigned to is in disrepair, contact the Facilities Planning & Management Clerk at Ext 611 as soon as possible. We will have your locker repaired or assign to you a new locker. Be sure not to wait too long or there might not be another locker available for you.

What if I get to my locker and I don’t like it? Can I switch?
Once a locker has been assigned, it cannot be switched/changed unless the locker is damaged or faulty.  Please visit the Facilities Planning & Management office if there is an issue with your assigned locker.

What happens if I decide I don’t want my locker anymore? Can I get my money back?
If you feel that having a locker is really not as useful as you thought it would be, you can cancel your locker by visiting the Facilities Planning & Management Office. However, if you decide to cancel more than 10 business days after the semester start date, you will not be refunded the $15.00 you have paid.

What if someone breaks into my locker?
If someone forcefully enters your locker, it is a criminal act and needs to be reported to Campus Security as soon as possible. The safe recovery of your items depends in large part on how quickly you report the theft. If you are sharing a locker, be sure to let the person you are sharing it with know what has happened. We advise that you never keep things such as cell phones, wallets or cash in your locker. OCAD University assumes no liability for the loss of any items stored in lockers.

Does the university have the right to access my locker without my permission?
The university reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion if there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control or odours. Security has the right to enter a locker at any time should they suspect it contains items that put the University environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police. The university is required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.