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Centre for Students with Disabilities

Serving students who experience learning, ADHD, autism spectrum, mental health, medical, deaf/hard of hearing, mobility/functional and visual disabilities.

Faculty and students talking at the launch of the Inclusive Design Research Institute at OCAD University. Photo by Christina Gapic.

Centre for Students with Disabilities Mandate

OCAD University is committed to diversity and equity in vision and in values. The mandate of the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is to carry out this commitment by ensuring that diverse and equitable education at OCAD U is accessible to all students. The CSD does this by advocating for inclusive teaching and learning practices with faculty, staff, students and others throughout the OCAD U community and beyond. The CSD complies with accessibility directives from the Human Rights Code and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2001) by providing a range of inclusive strategies intended to empower students to confront physical or attitudinal barriers to their education as well as manage their own learning paths. The CSD works closely with individual students to help them understand particular learning challenges, identify existing learning strengths, encourage self-awareness and develop self-reliance. Formal and informal student-centred supports, such as counselling, academic accommodations, specialized services and community building initiatives, are available year-round to students at the CSD.

The services of the CSD are strictly confidential. Permission forms must be signed by students to allow the Centre to share information with others, such as faculty, OCAD U staff, parents and so on. All of our services conform to the confidentiality policies of OCAD U.