Tips for creating your schedule

  • Do review the steps in the Registration Guide.
  • Do print out the Draft Timetable. This will help you with your schedule planning!
  • Do try balance your courses evenly over the fall and winter. In some programs, this will be easy because your Major Program Guide will specify what courses to take in each semester. In other programs, you'll need to keep track of how many courses you take in each semester.
  • Do spread out your courses over the week, with time between courses.
  • Don't take courses back-to-back with no break at all.
  • Don't try to cram all your courses into one or two days.
  • Don't take an evening course followed the next day by an early morning class.
  • Do remember to enter your tutorials as well as classes into the schedule.
  • Do enter any work, family, gym or other commitments into the schedule.
  • Do factor in commuting time:to work, to school, to the gym, etc.    
  • Do be realistic about commuting time! There are often delays in transit and traffic.
  • Do remember that commuting time can be valuable sleeping or studying time too!
  • Do consider when you’re going to do your homework and assignments outside of class; block that time in your schedule as well. There are many places to study on campus, such as the Learning Zone
  • Do think about how and when you'll spend time on campus. There are so many great resources for you to access, such as academic supports through the Writing & Learning Centre, as well as events and lectures. Get involved and take advantage of everything we offer! Explore the Students section of our webpage.

Good luck!