Game Jam

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam is an intensive, collaborative and creative process that brings together a community of gaming experts and designers to ideate, explore and develop a broad range of ideas and innovative solutions around a central theme. It builds on new ideas that could not be imagined by an individual and when it includes an industry partner it encompasses practical, comprehensive and implementable innovative actions.


The game:play Lab creates a home for game design, game research and installation projects at OCADU and beyond. The research portfolio explores (through play), critiques (through theory) and expands (through practice) the nature of the gaming experience. The game:play Lab’s research includes focused academic research on the lack of diversity in the game sector, including game-making and game playing. Funded research projects range from building a feminist network for game culture to art-led game making practices for future game designs. All research projects are embedded in game communities as participatory and action-led research.

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The game:play Lab has a central interest in critical game design and researches game jams as both research object and tool. Researching these informal social learning contexts offers opportunity to more closely understand game design and development approaches. 

The game:play Lab’s industry partnership game projects include: Math Games (with JUMP Math), Extend (with Marble Media); DeepCity (with Evergreen Brickworks, Ecotone and Wero Creative). game:play provides expertise on a range of research including OMDC’s Fem-LED that builds experiential workshop methods to explore success for female-led digital media enterprises. game:play have hosted game training and workshops for the likes of TVO and RBC amongst others and run a number of funded research projects for GRAND-NCE and SSHRC, and two game jams — one with RBC and the second with Marble Media.

Game Jam

June 25 + 26, 2015

Games regularly use approaches derived from theme park design; The MarbleLIVE Game Jam aims to take game design skills back to twenty-first century water theme park. Currently being built in Ontario, MarbleLIVE ( will offer state-of-the-art technology including the latest in smart wearables, player tracking, responsive screens and game approaches to create a wrap-around responsive play experience.

The MarbleLIVE Game Jam will pull together student teams to design, develop and prototype innovative game design ideas to make full use of this unique opportunity. Project groups will have a vision presentation from the MarbleLIVE team and the winning team will have the opportunity to take up an internship on this unique project.

RBC Game Jam

November 16, 2014

The OCAD U-RBC Design Jam will bring together key representatives from RBC with two worldclass gamification and technology design experts from the OCAD U research community. Through this collaborative process, the Design Jam will create pathways to build a gamification layer/solution for employees in the RBC Contact Centres to drive higher performance in e-learning/training, sales and customer service.

Guided by our creative facilitators, RBC participants will work in thematic teams to unravel the issues found in the existing e-learning modules, their work and in the current supporting technology to identify the gaps. The teams will tackle a series of ideation and prototyping challenges intended to push the envelope of what is possible and expose the opportunities present/envisioned within the call centres’ employee dashboard. Provocative models of solutions will be evaluated by all participants to understand where the key opportunities exist.






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