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Avatar Lives - Narrative of Gender, Embodiment and Identity
Avatar Lives: Narratives of Gender, Embodiment and Identity

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Tangible Interface vs Data Sculpture
Tangible Interface vs. Data Sculpture

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Emotion and Sentiment Analysis in Text
Emotion and Sentiment Analysis in Text

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Art and Ability: Cardinal

Art and Health

Avatar Daughters: The Spectrum of the Material/Virtual Through a Feminist Lense

Body Editing

CBC Newsworld Holodeck

Data and Visual Analytics for Decision Making in Next Generation

Digital Easel (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Digivore (Fed Dev ARC 2)

ECOCAP (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Enhanced Identification and Visualization of Social Media

Emergent Surfaces: Tacit Creativity

Gesture Cloud (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Heal X (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Holo Mobile (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Hotwood (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Impact of Effective Visualization Tools on User Behaviour

Inclusive Home Automation Kit (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Innovation Concierge (Fed Dev ARC 2)

LIFEbike (Fed Dev ARC 2)


LMS for All (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Measured Mile

Mindfullness Technologies

Shift/Craft (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Take Me With You

The R.A.I.L Project

Thinking Differently (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Vega X Wearable Lights (Fed Dev ARC 2)

We Touch (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Wearable Sound - SOMO (Fed Dev ARC 2)

Welcoming Communities


2020 Media Futures

Alarm X (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Aesthetic Temporalities

Autism and Emotion (e-Motion)

Extend (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Haptic Holography (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Info Viz for Social Media (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Mantiro (Fed Dev ARC 1)

MyToshi (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Neutral Carbon Product (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Sensory Needs in Palliative Care

Sousveiller (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Surprise, Wonder & Delight (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Tecla for My Voice (Fed Dev ARC 1)


Visible Campus (Fed Dev ARC 1)

Visualizing the Impacts of Mobile Journalism

Visualizing Surface and Depth

With You (Fed Dev ARC 1)


Art and Interaction Projections 

Portage - Cellphone Xylophone


Alter Audio

Park Walk