Digital Drawing & Painting Lab (DDPL)

The Digital Drawing & Painting Lab (DDPL) has transformed a traditional drawing and painting studio with the installation of workstations and smart screens to expand the physical canvas with digital tools. This transformation allows art creation to flow between the analogue and digital, to extend traditional processes into relevant new territory. The resulting digital drawings and paintings are both actual and virtual, often redefining conventional relationships to existing space. The digital allows for altered forms of dissemination of drawing and painting into new interfaces that have far-reaching implications.

The DDPL supports leading contemporary art practices that engage experimentation in photogenic painting, contemporary abstraction, digital projection painting and the digital manipulation of imagery that resides in popular culture. These research fields influence new animation technologies, and sketching and painting techniques in product design as well as applications in architecture, interior design and virtual interface design.

These laboratories also support pedagogical research and experimentation — new curricular developments that build undergraduate and graduate research capacity as well as research initiatives in animation and figurative studies. The Digital Drawing & Painting Lab consists of a graduate/faculty research facility and a digital studio.





   DMRII, OCADU, Research, Art, Design, Education