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The Printmaking curriculum emphasizes an exploration of the endless creative and technical possibilities in this traditional art form.

You are introduced to five primary processes:

  • etching
  • lithography
  • relief
  • screen-printing
  • papermaking

In Printmaking, you may specialize or work with any number of techniques to develop innovative works in bookbinding, photo-etching or digital processes with text, type and image composition.

First, you learn the basics of ink and colour-printing and how to produce images on screens. You then embark on large, complex projects while developing your own artistic voice. In the final year, you create a self-directed independent body of work using single or multidisciplinary processes.

As a Printmaking graduate, you can focus on a studio practice, produce and curate printmaking exhibitions, design bookworks, or pursue a future as an educator, commercial designer, or arts administrator.

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