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Art of American Book Covers (Richard Minsky)
The Online Magazine of Art and Ideas


John Perreault’s art diary

links to art/design blogs using



Lee Rosenbaum’s cultural commentary
The Flog

Fresh + New(er)
Powerhouse Museum, Australia



New York Public Blogs
Links to current NYPL blogs

The OC Art Blog
Contemporary Art in Orange County

View On Canadian Art
Toronto-based art blog focusing on contemporary Canadian art


We Make Money Not Art

Digital Storytelling

Stories Matter
Centre for Oral History& Digital Storytelling, Concordia U.: clips, sessions, interviews, and projects involving diasporic voices in Canada.


Internet Archive
The open source alternative for e-books, videos and live music.  Includes almost 1.2 million ebooks; 200 of which are from the OCAD Library from the Robert Holmes collection.

eScholarship Editions: Public Subjects
University of California Press: Over 700 scholarly editions from the UC Press are available in all subject areas. Browse for books by subject or select "Search" from the upper toolbar, then click on the title to access the e-book. The contents of all e-books can be searched by keyword.

Online Books Page
University of Pennsylvania Digital Library Projects: Over 19,000 titles are included, covering all academic subject areas. Browse by author, title or subject. Note : a diverse range of academic and popular titles are included. Be aware that this is only a directory of links, and that the University of Pennsylvania is not responsible for content, translations, or possible errors in the texts included.

Project Gutenberg
Over 100,00 books are accessible. Note : all items must be downloaded from an FTP site. To begin: either search or browse by title or author (use "Advanced Search" to find books by subject); then simpy select the closest FTP site. Once you have found a title, download either a text or zipped file version of the book. See for more information. 

Royal Society Publications
An interactive timeline showcasing sixty seminal scientific publications produced by the Royal Society between 1665 and 2010. Great Books Online
Use the "Search" box to find keywords from the entire Bartelby collection, or use the drop-down menu to search individual titles. Drop-down menus for "Verse" (includes poetry anthologies and works by individuals), "Fiction" (drama and novels), and "Non-Fiction" (includes religious works, Classical Greco-Roman writings, major works of philosophy) allow users to browse titles. All e-books can be searched by keyword.

Early Canadiana Online
Canadian Heritage/Library and Archives Canada: Access over 6,500 free texts that span the entire history of Canada. Images of historic documents are saved as PDF files, which can be accessed by individual page. Include collections in Women's History, Colonial Government Documents, English Canadian Fiction, History of French Culture, Hudson's Bay, Jesuit Relations and Native Studies. Search for documents (users do not have to log in for free materials) by title, author, publisher, subject, or the text of the document (keyword).

Futurism - Manifestos and other Resources
Created and maintained by "pop cultural archivist" Kim Scarborough . Includes works by F.T. Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Luigi Russolo, Giacomo Balla, Gino Severini.

Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing
McMaster University:   offers 100 case studies – short essays written by Canadian scholars – on topics relating to Canadian publishing. Includes letters, photographs, multimedia, and other materials from publishers’ and authors’ archives at McMaster University Library, Queen’s University Archives, and The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto).

University of Ottawa Open Access Collection
University of Ottawa's institutional repository promoting scholarly communication by collecting, preserving and providing free and open access to the digital research products created by the uOttawa faculty, researchers and graduate students. Includes theses, articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers, and data sets in various digital formats.


Open Access Collections

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals
Offers over 4,570 free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. 

Individual titles

Access: History
University of Queensland: (1997 -) Browse pdf articles dealing with international history.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing with Information Technology (ADAM with IT)
CIMware Ltd: (1998 -) Browse articles on automation, robotics, simulation, virtual reality modeling, etc.

African Studies Quarterly
University of Florida, Center for African Studies: (1997 -) Browse articles in pdf format. 

Applied Semiotics
University of Toronto: (1996 -) Browse articles on literary and sociological theories.
Note: some articles in French.

British Archaeology
Council for British Archaeology: (1995 -) Search or browse articles on international developments in archaeology.

BMJ: British Medical Journal
British Medical Association: (1994 -) Search or browse over 3,000 articles from this important health sciences journal.

Canadian Aesthetics Journal ( Æ)
Canadian Society for Aesthetics: (1996 -) Browse articles on philosophy and aesthetic theory in art and design. NOTE: articles in English, French or German. 

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
Canadian Psychiatric Association: (1996 -) Browse or search for "scientific articles on ongoing developments in Canadian and international psychiatry."

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)
(1999 -) Browse or Search this general medical journal publishing original research and review articles, commentaries and editorials, practice updates, an arts and ideas section and health news.

College Quarterly: Journal of Research and Discussion for College Educators across Canada
Seneca College: (1993 -) Browse contents by author, date or subject.

International journal of theory, technology, and culture.  Select "ctheory digitial library" to download back issues.  Users must log in, but all articles are free. Other resources include free e-books, "" (for essays and commentaries) and a "multimedia" art site.

Currents in Electronic Literacy
University of Texas: (1999 -) Addresses the "the use of electronic texts and technologies for reading, writing, teaching and learning in fields including: literature (in English and in other languages), rhetoric and composition, languages (English, foreign and ESL), communications, media studies and education."

Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History
University of Oxford: (1995 -) Browse pdf essays and papers.
Note: this is not a peer-reviewed journal, but essays are of a scholarly nature.

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Duke University: (1997 -). Browse articles covering topics in international law and security.

UCLA: (1999 - 2004) Browse "multi-media" articles covering interdisciplinary issues in popular and classical music. Note: edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at UCLA.

Electronic Green Journal
UCLA: (1994 -) Search or browse. Includes articles, book reviews, news, and information on current printed and electronic sources concerning international environmental topics.

Electronic Journals (Academic / Peer-Reviewed) for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Wabash College: Links to over 50 free journals dealing with all aspects of spirituality in all geographic areas.

Electronic Musicological Review
Federal University of Paraná, Brazil: (1996 -) Browse articles dealing with issues in all aspects of music history. Articles available in Portuguese or English. 

Michigan State University: (1999 -) Topics include music, philosophy, theology, arts and humanities.

Eunomios: An Open Online Journal for Theory, Analysis, and Semiotics of Music
(2000 -) Browse only. Note: this is not a peer-reviewed journal, although scholarly in nature. Some articles in French, Portuguese or other European languages.

First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet
University of Illinois: (1996 -) Search or browse. Topics include technology, culture, and popular culture.

University of Colorado: (1998 -) Browse scholarly articles presenting "Innovative Work in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Theories." Note: not officially peer-reviewed.

HYLE - An International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry
Department of Philosophy, University of Karlsruhe: (1997 -) Search or click "issues" to browse for articles.

Idea: A Journal of Social Issues
(1996 -) Search or browse scholarly articles.
Note: not officially peer-reviewed.  Deals with "ideas related mainly to cults, mass movements, autocratic power, war, genocide, holocaust and murder."

Information for Social Change
(1999 -) Browse articles on issues of freedom, censorship, and ethics among library and information professionals worldwide.

Intellectual Property and Technology Forum (IPTF)
Boston College Law School students: (1997 -). Browse articles covering issues of copyright in all forums (electronic and print) and fields.

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies
Institute of Archaeology, University College, London: (1996 - 2002) Browse by author or by volume number.

Journal of Design Communication
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: (1998 -) Articles dealing with disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, graphic design, and other related design disciplines.

Journal of Political Ecology: Case Studies in History and Society
Political Ecology Society, University of Arizona: (1994 -) Browse pdf formatted articles. In English, French or Spanish dealing with interdisciplinary research in political economy and human environmental impact.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (JSCM)
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music: (1995 -) Book reviews and some articles. Topics deal with history and theory.

Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media
University of Waterloo: (1993 -) Search or browse. Covers topics in "history, theory and aesthetics" of film / cinema / movies.

Making of America
Cornell University: (1843 to 1901) Browse or search this extensive collection of early publications of scientific, arts and culture magazines. Pdf images of the original publication are featured. Titles include The Atlantic Monthly (1857 - 1901); Harper's New Monthly Magazine (1850 to 1899); Scientific American (1846 to 1869); Scribner's Magazine (1887 to 1896) and 18 others.

M/C Media & Culture
University of Queensland: (1997 -) Search or click "issues" to browse analysis and critique of "media and culture." Each issue revolves around themes such as love, memory, identity, space.

MTO Music Theory Online: a Journal of Cirticism, Commentary, Research, and Scholarship
The Society for Music Theory, University of California: (1995 -) Search or Browse articles. Covers issues in music theory, history, sociology.

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide
Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art: (2002 -) Browse or search. Includes painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, decorative arts.

(1996 -) Browse. A journal exploring "feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices" edited by Katy Deepwell.

(2008 -) Download pdf issues of this independent international Web-Journal focusing on questions around curatorial practice and theory. Supported by the Postgraduate Program in Curating, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Other Voices
University of Pennsylvania: (1997 -) Each volume is thematically based and covers topics in cultural and literary theory, philosophy.

Paideusis: Journal for Cross-Cultural Studies
Use "Subject Index" to browse by topic.  Articles cover issues in humanities, linguistics and social sciences.

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research
University of Guelph (2006 - ) Search or browse this peer-reviewed online journal for articles on innovations, theories and practices in research methodologies and information access.

Postmodern Culture
John Hopkins University: (1990-)
Note: Select "Text-Only Archive" to browse back issues of this significant interdisciplinary scholarly journal.

Queen: A Journal of Rhetoric and Power
Center for Rhetorics & Hermeneutics, University of Redlands, California : (2001 -) Browse articles exploring discourse theories.  Genres include photo essays, poetry, artist manifesto, and research essays.

Romanticism on the Net
University of Montreal : (1996 -) Topics dealing with culture, literature and philosophy of 19th century British Romantic movement.  Peer-reviewed. 

Scope: Online Journal of Film Studies
Institute of Film Studies, University of Nottingham, UK: (2000 -) Select "Article Archive" to browse articles on "all aspects of film history, theory and criticism." 

Screening the Past: An International Electronic Journal of Visual Media and History
(1997 -) Select "First Release," then "Archive" to browse articles from all issues. 

Studies in Bibliography
Bibliographical Society, University of Virginia: (1948 -) Search this e-journal for articles on textual criticism, manuscript study, the history of printing and publishing.

Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology
Virigina Tech: (1995 -) Browse articles on philosophical issues in techonlogy and development.

Transformations: Region, Culture, Society
Central Queensland University: (2002 -) Browse articles by date. Deals with social and cultural change with articles that "explore and redefine regionality."

Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal
Yale Law School: (1998 -) Select "Current Issue" or "Archive" to view articles on all aspects of human rights legislation.

Magazines & News

Art Deadlines List
Monthly newsletter providing information about juried competitions and exhibitions, contests, call for entries/proposals/papers, grants, scholarships, fellowships, jobs, internships, festivals, residencies, tryouts, and funding opportunities in the arts or related areas including painting, drawing, dance, sculpture, poetry, other writing, music, multimedia, reporting,journalism, animation, cartooning, photography, video, film, etc. for artists, art educators, and art students of all ages.

Chart  (1990 - )
An "integrated communications and media company based in Toronto."

ICSID eNEWS (2006 -)
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (partner of the International Design Alliance); eNews has combined with eXpress "to become leading sourced of timely information for the many stakeholders within the industry."

Umbrella (1978 -)
A comprehensive online quarterly covering the arena of artists’ books, art books and other multiple editions, including audio and new media. Reviews cover new bookworks by artists, exhibitions, with special sections that focus on photographic and art books.

University Affairs
Canada's magazine on higher education. This magazine looks at current trends and issues facing colleges and universities across the country.

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