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Onsite Gallery

Onsite Gallery inspires research and fresh ways of seeing and contextualizing contemporary design and art.

Flash Forward 10: Uncanny Worlds. Photo by David Caterini.

We're Moving

Onsite is closed until early 2017 in preparation for the opening of our new location at 199 Richmond Street W.

Officially opened in 2007 as the OCAD Professional Gallery, the gallery became Onsite Gallery in 2010.

Onsite Gallery 

Onsite Gallery is OCAD University’s public gallery and exploratory platform for art, design and curatorial practice. Its aim is to foster social transformation. 


Onsite Gallery’s mandate is:

  • To advance the goals, aspirations and strategic priorities of OCAD University
  • To collaborate with professional artists, designers and curators
  • To involve and respond to our diverse public of students, faculty, staff and local and international cultural participants
  • To stimulate curricular and co-curricular learning and innovative research in art, design and curatorial practice
  • To heighten the public profile of OCAD University and provide vital encounters between the university and the public
  • To develop programs, systems and policies that involve and converse with people of widely differing experiences, including students, faculty, staff, researchers, artists, designers, curators and the general public
  • To support excellence in visual culture
  • To promote engaged citizenship through exploration of society, culture and aesthetics