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“Department of Prints and Drawings,” opening June 11 at the MSVU Art Gallery includes work by Susan Wood (AOCA, Design, 1955) and Reed Weir (AOCA, Fine Art, 1985).


Greg Curnoe (AOCA, Fine Arts/ Drawing & Painting, 1960) work is featured in “The Life of a Bike” at Michael Gibson Gallery.

Garry Neill Kennedy (AOCA, Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, 1960) Meryl McMaster (BFA, Photography, 2010) are part of a multi-venue exhibition, “Since Then,” including venues Urban Shaman Gallery, Platform and Actual.


Access Gallery exhibiting and in conversation with Ian Wallace (AOCA, General Studies, 1973).


Birch Contemporary’s group show “TenderPixels.CorruptedFiles,” features Louise Noguchi (AOCA, Experimental Arts, 1981) and David Hanes (BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2013).

“ARCHITEC TONIC,” exhibited at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects; a group show curated by Catherine Beaudette (AOCA, Fine Arts/ Drawing & Painting, 1982) consisting of painting, assemblage and installation including Susan Campbell (MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, 2012).

Frank Viva
’s (AOCA, 1982) work was shown on the NewYorker in June 2016, which was followed up with an impressive interview.

Wendy Coburn (AOCA, Experimental Arts, 1986) is one of the artists in “STANDING GROUND II, CHANCE AND VARIATION” at Paul Petro Contemporary Art.

Gary Evans (AOCA, General Studies, 1989) has a large 2 decade retrospective show at MacLaren Art Centre.
Studio 21 exhibited selected works by artists in group shows including Michael Harrington (AOCA, Communication & Design, 1989).

Doris McCarthy Gallery debuts its new acquisition of Warden and McNicoll by Simone Jones (AOCA, Experimental Arts, 1989).

An untitled group show at Diaz Contemporary features Toronto-based artists Nestor Krüger (AOCA, Fine Arts/ Drawing & Painting, 1989), Janine Miedzik (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2012).


Shelley Niro (AOCA, Fine Arts/ Drawing & Painting, 1990) work is included in the collaborative group show  “Some more or less distant realities,” opening July 11 at the Walter Phillips Gallery.

Mary Anne Barkhouse (AOCA, Integrated Media, 1991) juxtaposition of animal and cultural can be seen at a new public art work at Toogood Pond.

The Latcham Gallery presents “Between Us,” a solo exhibition by Toronto photographer Jason Brown (AOCA, Drawing & Painting, 1995).

The Musée régional de Rimouski, the exhibition “Lumens,” offering a range of artists including Kelly Richardson (AOCAD, Drawing & Painting, 1997).

Tasman Richardson (AOCAD, Integrated Media, 1997) had a projection performance at Theatre Junction Grand.

MacLaren Art Gallery held a reception for it’s summer exhibitions; including Gary Evans (AOCA, General Studies, 1998).



Dionne Simpson (AOCAD, Fine Art, 2000) is one of the participating artists in “At the Seams” at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

Justin Waddell (AOCAD, Integrated Media, 2001) curated a video program “Will, Wish, Want of Purpose”.

Melissa General (AOCAD, Photography, 2002) is part of a sci- fi group show “Terraforming”at Trinity Square Video with the partnership of SAVAC.

Robert Hengeveld (AOCAD, Sculpture/Installation, 2003) “Erratic Turns” opened at the Union Gallery.

Sanaz Mazinani
(AOCAD, Photography, 2003) is part of Art Gallery of Mississauga exhibition “Pattern Migration”.

Angela O'Hara
(BDES, Illustration, 2005) “The Spirit of Arkana: Angela O'Hara” was featured in Peru This Week.

Keesic Douglas (BFA, Photography, 2008) discussed her role as artists during this time of reconciliation in the latest of Rodman Hall’s “Hot Talks”.

The Art Gallery of Windsor hosted a vigil for the tragedy in Orlando that was curated by Charles C. Hill (BDES, Industrial Design, 2009) former curator of Canadian art, National Gallery of Canada.


A painting show, “Contrarieties & Counterpoints,” features accompanying essays by Sky Goodden (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010), at the Thames Art Gallery.

Vanessa Maltese (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2010) has new work on display at Cooper Cole.

A performance lecture was presented by Hazel Meyer (MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, 2010) at Buddies in Bad Times, related to their current project at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

Alexandra Mackenzie
(BFA, Printmaking, 2011) discussed the relevance of public art museums in “When the Institute Fell Over” at Idea Exchange, Cambridge.

Lisa Myers (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2011) gave away :unsettled” boxed of maple sugar candy for Canada Day “oh-oh Canada” supported by Gallery 101.

Y+ contemporary, “SZEEN” brings together sound and performance-based works by Veronica Abrenica (BFA, Integrated Media, 2013) in collaboration with Tim Manalo (BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2010).

Michael Badour (Bfa, Drawing & Painting, 2014) first solo exhibition “Repeaters” opens at Roberta Pelan.

Nick Sweetma
n (MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, 2014) was featured in The Toronto Star, focusing on his participation in the city’s StreetARToronto program, to help save the environment.

Rouzbeh Akhbari
(BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2016) wins prize at BMO 1st Art Competition.

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