Writing in the Disciplines (WID) In-Class Workshops

WID instructors can take advantage of a variety of in-class workshops developed by the WLC to support students in improving their skills in WID courses. When you request a WID workshop, WLC staff will work with you to tailor the workshop content to support specific learning activities or writing assignments.  

Led by an experienced WLC facilitator, each workshop is approximately 30 minutes long, and involves active learning through group activities. Topics include:  

  • Understanding the role(s) of context in making
  • Generating ideas and gathering information
  • Tracking, documenting and citing information
  • Strategies for reading visual and written texts and critical inquiry
  • Vocabulary building/experimenting with vocabulary
  • Description and analysis

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Interested in including one or two of these in your course? Submit a request here.

Further questions about the workshops?  Contact Rebecca Diederichs, Writing & Learning Consultant, at rdiederichs@ocadu.ca for more information.