What is a Writing in the Disciplines (WID) Course?  

The purpose of the Writing in the Disciplines (WID) course stream is to ensure that students at OCAD U are acquiring key writing competencies as they progress through their program. At each year level of each program one existing required course is designated as a WID course. This course includes assignments and activities that address writing competencies outlined in the Framework in ways that support the learning outcomes of the course and are relevant to the writing needs of the program and discipline.

What does this mean for me as an instructor? 

As a WID instructor, you'll have access to a variety of supports from your WID Fellow as well as from the Writing & Learning Centre (WLC) and Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre (FCDC), including: 

  • WID course development workshops and team meetings
  • Professional development workshops for faculty and TAs 
  • Monthly roundtables and informal gatherings to share resources
  • One-on-one consultations on writing assignment design and inclusive teaching practices for ELL students 
  • In-class workshops led by WLC staff 
  • An instructor's toolkit with guidelines and sample writing activities, rubrics and other teaching materials
For the 2015-16 academic year, the WID-designated courses are:  
 Art Design LASSIS
GART 1001:  Drawing I
DRPT 1005:  Drawing I
ILLU 1002: Illustrative Concepts I
GDES 1016: Communication Design 2
ENVR 1002: Environmental Design 2
INDS 1001: The Design of Everyday Things
MAAD 1003: Methods of Material Practice
GART 1001: Drawing 1
DGIF 1002: Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
VISA 1001: Critical Frameworks for Art History

For more information about the WID course stream, contact Cary DiPietro, Educational Developer (Curriculum) at cdipietro@ocadu.ca