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Learn about contemporary and historical photographic practices and technical aspects, and develop your conceptual abilities to create dynamic forms of expression in the worlds of analogue and digital.

Part of video installation "Fixing a Hole" by 2014 Medal Winner Aaron MacDonald


Approached as a fine-art medium within contemporary art practice, the Photography program emphasizes the develop­ment of your artistic vision, encouraging you to explore a broad range of issues and styles.

You are introduced to contemporary and historical photographic practices and technical aspects, such as camera, darkroom and digital techniques. As you progress, you develop your conceptual abilities to create dynamic forms of expression.

Students are encouraged to select electives in Fabrication Studios, Sculpture/Installation, Integrated Media, Criticism & Curatorial Practices, Printmaking as well as Drawing & Painting in order to pursue the ideas and skills that complement their use of the photographic medium.

At the upper-year levels, you have opportunities to gain real-world experience through a placement in the arts community or through an exhibition of your photographs.

In the fourth-year thesis program, you produce a major body of work supported by a research paper.

Photography graduates:

  • exhibit their work in artist-run and commercial galleries
  • work for magazines, print publications or image archives
  • find employment as art curators and gallery administrators.

At the 200 level, students are introduced to photographic concepts and processes, photographic history, as well as studio-seminars on contemporary issues. Processes investigated include black and white, colour, non-silver, experimental and digital photography.

At the 300 level, students progress from development to production as they work through a guided research process that results in a photographic body of work. Studio-seminars on current practices and thematically focused studio electives provide an opportunity to explore a variety of approaches.

At the 400 level, students can choose between the Thesis and the Directed Studio Option. The Thesis and Directed Studio Option will lead to a BFA in a program major.

Thesis Option

Students work with a thesis panel to research, produce and present a coherent body of work that is of professional exhibition quality. The artistic development process offers the students an opportunity to work comprehensively on their ideas and photographic skill, which enables them to contextualize their artwork within historical and contemporary issues.

Directed Studio Option

In the Directed Studio option, students pursue multiple projects and refine their technical skills and conceptual understanding of art in the context of assigned and elective course work, as outlined in the program guides. This option allows students greater breadth and flexibility in how they approach the final year of their studies.

For more information, go to the Fall/Winter Undergraduate Calendar 2014/2015.

2015/2016 Program Overview

Course Code Course Title Credits
VISC-1001 Global Visual & Material Culture: To 1800 0.5
VISC-1002 Global Visual & Material Culture: To Present 0.5
ENGL-1003 The Essay and the Argument 0.5
ENGL-1004 The Essay and the Argument: ESL 0.5
GART-1001 Drawing 1 0.5
GART-1004 Colour Exploration 0.5
GART-1005 Form & Structure 0.5
GART-1006 Time-Based Media 0.5
DRPT-2006 Figurative Drawing 0.5
DRPT-2015 Painting & Digital Imaging 1 0.5
INTM-2004 Sonic Arts 0.5
INTM-2006 Animation Fundamentals 0.5
INTM-2014 The Moving Image: Production I 0.5
FABR-2003 Intro to Fabrication: Mouldmaking 0.5
PHOT-2002 Black & White Photo I 0.5
PRNT-2001 Screenprinting 0.5
GART-1003 Digital Practices: Globalization 0.5
GART-1010 Digital Practices: Body and Technology 0.5
GART-1015 Creative Process: Painting 0.5
GART-1017 Creative Process: Printmaking 0.5
GART-1018 Creative Process: Wearable Art 0.5
GART-1019 Process of Digital Printmaking 0.5
GART-1021 Creative Process: Photography 0.5
GART-1022 Creative Process: 2D Animation 0.5
GART-1025 Narrative Strategies: Photo 0.5
GART-1026 Indigenous Sculpt Strategies 0.5
GART-1028 Nature & Culture: Drawing 0.5
GART-1030 Nature & Culture: Curatorial 0.5
GART-1031 Nature & Culture: Multidisciplinary Approaches 0.5
GART-1032 Site & Intervention: Critical Practices 0.5
GART-1034 Site & Intervention: New Media 0.5
GART-1035 Site & Intervention: SCIN 0.5
GART-1036 Creative Process: Art & Code 0.5
GART-1037 Creative Musical Instruments 0.5
GART-1038 Paper Cut-Outs & 3D Pop-Ups 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
PHOT-2002 Black & White Photo I 0.5
PHOT-2003 Intro to Photography: Colour 0.5
PHOT-2005 Contemporary Issues: Photography 0.5
PHOT-2006 Concept and Process 0.5
PHOT-2004 Intro to Photography: Digital 0.5
PHOT-2009 Introduction to Digital Photographic Practices 0.5
2000 Art electives 1.0
VISA-2003 History of Photography 0.5
2000 2 courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 1.0
Course Code Course Title Credits
PHOT-3006 Intermediate Photo I: Development 0.5
PHOT-3007 Intermediate Photo II: Production 0.5
PHOT-3010 Current Practice 0.5
3000 Photography courses 1.0
2000 or 3000 Art electives 1.5
VISA-3016 Photographic Practices: Theory and Criticism 0.5
2000, 3000. 4000 1 course ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
2000, 3000, or 4000 Art electives 1.0
3000 or 4000 2 courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA , VISC, VISD, or VISM 1.0
PHOT-4901 Thesis: Studio Research 1.0
PHOT-4902 Photography Studio Thesis: Presentation 1.0
4000 Photography courses 1.0
PHOT-4004 Directed Photo Studio/Seminar 0.5
PHOT-4018 Directed Photo Studio 1.0
4000 Photography Courses 1.5