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Integrated Media

Examine the role of technology in our culture and a wide range of media practices such as film, video, robotics, electronics, performance, web, installation, interactivity, animation, audio.

Student work by Ca Thu Le, 2013. Photo by Sarah Mulholland.

Integrated Media

Integrated Media is an innovative digital and time-based area that encourages an interdisciplinary exploration of media practices. Students are asked to question how they position themselves in the world in relation to technology.

“As I see it, technology has built the house in which we all live. The house is continually being extended and remodelled. More and more of human life takes place within its walls, so that today there is hardly any human activity that does not occur within this house. All are affected by the design of the house, by the division of its space, by the location of its doors and walls. Compared to people in earlier times, we rarely have a chance to live outside this house. And the house is still changing; it is still being built as well as being demolished.” – Dr. Ursula Franklin, The Real World of Technology

The Integrated Media program examines the role that technology plays in our culture and emphasizes our need for critical engagement.

Students are exposed to a wide range of media practices that include:

  • film
  • video
  • robotics
  • electronics
  • performance
  • web
  • installation
  • interactivity
  • animation
  • audio.

Students graduate from the program as independent thinkers and doers. Our graduates have gone on to careers as media artists, curators and theorists, and practitioners in the film and television industries, as well as to graduate schools and international and local residency programs.

For more information, go to the Fall/Winter Undergraduate Calendar 2014/2015.

2015/2016 Program Overview

Course Code Course Title Credits
VISC-1001 Global Visual & Material Culture: To 1800 0.5
VISC-1002 Global Visual & Material Culture: To Present 0.5
ENGL-1003 The Essay and the Arguement 0.5
ENGL-1004 The Essay and the Argument: ESL 0.5
GART-1001 Drawing 1 0.5
GART-1004 Colour Exploration 0.5
GART-1005 Form & Structure 0.5
GART-1006 Time-Based Media 0.5
DRPT-2006 Figurative Drawing 0.5
DRPT-2015 Painting & Digital Imaging 1 0.5
INTM-2004 Sonic Arts 0.5
INTM-2006 Animation Fundamentals 0.5
INTM-2014 The Moving Image: Production I 0.5
FABR-2003 Intro to Fabrication: Mouldmaking 0.5
PHOT-2002 Black & White Photo I 0.5
PRNT-2001 Screenprinting 0.5
GART-1003 Digital Practices: Globalization 0.5
GART-1010 Digital Practices: Body and Technology 0.5
GART-1015 Creative Process: Painting 0.5
GART-1017 Creative Process: Printmaking 0.5
GART-1018 Creative Process: Wearable Art 0.5
GART-1019 Process of Digital Printmaking 0.5
GART-1021 Creative Process: Photography 0.5
GART-1022 Creative Process: 2D Animation 0.5
GART-1025 Narrative Strategies: Photo 0.5
GART-1026 Indigenous Sculpt Strategies 0.5
GART-1028 Nature & Culture: Drawing 0.5
GART-1030 Nature & Culture: Curatorial 0.5
GART-1031 Nature & Culture: Multidisciplinary Approaches 0.5
GART-1032 Site & Intervention: Critical Practices 0.5
GART-1034 Site & Intervention: New Media 0.5
GART-1035 Site & Intervention: SCIN 0.5
GART-1036 Creative Process: Art & Code 0.5
GART-1037 Creative Musical Instruments 0.5
GART-1038 Paper Cut-Outs & 3D Pop-Ups 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
INTM-2010 Contemporary Issues: INTM 0.5
INTM-2017 Hybrid Media Lab 0.5
INTM-2001 The Moving Image: Fiction 0.5
INTM-2002 Performance by Artists 0.5
INTM-2003 Mechanics for Artists 0.5
INTM-2004 Sonic Arts 0.5
INTM-2005 Writing for Time-Based Arts 0.5
INTM-2006 Animation Fundamentals 0.5
INTM-2007 Compositing & Digital Animation 0.5
INTM-2011 Introduction to Electronics 0.5
INTM-2013 The Moving Image: Non-Fiction 0.5
INTM-2014 The Moving Image: Production I 0.5
2000 Art elective 0.5
VISM-2002 History of New Media Art 0.5
2000 2 courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 1.0
Course Code Course Title Credits
INTM-3012 Media Research Projects 0.5
INTM-3019 Integrated Media Studio Practice 0.5
INTM-3001 The Moving Image: Production II 0.5
CROS-3010 Publications: Editorial 0.5
INTM-3005 Advanced Compositing 0.5
INTM-3006 Media Networks Studio 0.5
CROS-3009 Publications: Dissemination 0.5
INTM-3010 Performance Studio 0.5
INTM-3015 Aesthetics of Editing 0.5
INTM-3016 Installation: Screen to Space 0.5
INTM-3020 Advanced Animation Studio 0.5
2000 or 3000 Art electives 1.0
2000, 3000, or 4000 1 course VISA, VISC, VISD, VISM 0.5
3000 or 4000 1 couse ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 1.0
Course Code Course Title Credits
4000 Integrated Media Courses 1.0
2000, 3000, or 4000 Art electives 1.0
3000 or 4000 2 courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA, VISC, VISD, or VISM 1.0
INTM-4901 Thesis: Studio Research 1.0
INTM-4902 Thesis: Presentation 1.0
INTM-4008 Managing Production 0.5
INTM-4003 Art, Science & Nature 0.5
INTM-4001 Media Installations 0.5
INTM-4002 Sound Interactions 0.5
INTM-4006 Documentary Media 0.5
INTM-4007 Narrative Practices 0.5
INTM-4009 Advanced Cinematic Production 0.5
INTM-4010 Directing Productions 0.5