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Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation

Aspire to careers in animation for web or broadcast, producing commercials or music videos, becoming a compositor, animator or director, working as a texture or background artist for gaming/interactive media

Student work by Jose Alvarado, 2013. Photo by Sarah Mulholland.

Integrated Media: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation

Students who choose Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (DPXA) will see their main area of study — Drawing & Painting or Integrated Media — supplemented by a series of courses to strengthen their digital art and animation skills and better prepare them for a career in various creative industries.

Students applying to OCAD U who are interested in DPXA should selected either Drawing & Painting or Integrated Media as their subject of major.

DPXA students of both majors take many of the same courses, but different degree requirements mean that Drawing & Painting students focus more on digital painting while Integrated Media majors take more time-based media.

All DPXA students will graduate with a background in traditional and digital animation such as:

  • 3D modeling
  • texturing and rendering
  • digital painting and compositing

Explore experimental and expanded practices in animation, new media and digital painting. Use critical theory to analyze new and relevant analogue and digital works in contemporary art and animation. Experiment with stop-motion, digital painting, installation and other 2D and 3D techniques to develop your language and conceptual skill as an independent artist or professional animator.

We encourage students to pursue independent art practice and freelance creative work as well as a means of developing entrepreneurship and an independent practice.

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Program Course Offerings

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