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Industrial Design

Influencing, altering and supporting almost every facet of human behaviour, by focusing on innovative and responsive solutions for humankind’s interface with the world.

"Feltro" by Sam Kennedy, developed in partnership with OCAD U’s start-up incubator Imagination Catalyst.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design influences, alters and supports almost every facet of human behaviour. In creating artifacts and gaining experience as an industrial design student, you'll focus on innovative and responsive solutions for humankind’s interface with the world.

Areas of investigation include:

  • consumer and commercial products
  • furniture
  • interaction and experience design
  • strategic creativity
  • applied innovation.

Through extensive research and analysis, you'll be encouraged to develop new product and experience typologies within the context of current and emerging human needs.

Core design studios develop a methodology of research, analysis, strategy, development and execution, strongly emphasizing concept development and strategic and applied innovation.

Courses in design theory, material processes and technology, drawing and graphic communication and professional practice all support studio work. The senior studio culminates in a focused final project of your choice.

The Industrial Design program is recognized by the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers.



Industrial Design Curriculum

Medal Winner

2015/2016 Program Overview

Course Code Course Title Credits
GDES-2001 Think Tank 1: Awareness 0.5
INDS-2002 Advanced 3D Drawing 0.5
INDS-2003 Industrial Design 2: Identity Materialized 0.5
INDS-2004 Representational Drawing - Industrial Design 0.5
INDS-2005 Material Explorations 2 0.5
INDS-2006 Material Explorations 3 0.5
INDS-2007 Industrial Design 3: Emerging Technology 0.5
VISD-2001 History of Modern Design 0.5
VISD-2005 Contemporary Design Theories & Practices 0.5
2000 or 3000 1 Course ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
GDES-3012 Compelling Experience Design 0.5
INDS-3002 Research Methods for Industrial Design 0.5
INDS-3003 Conceptual Tools 0.5
INDS-3004 Industrial Design 4: Design for Health 0.5
INDS-3008 Industrial Design 5: Systems Thinking 0.5
SCTM-3002 Human Factors for Designers 0.5
GDES 2 Expansion Studios Designated for Industrial Design 1.0
2000, 3000, or 4000 1 course ENGL, HUMN, SCTM or SOSC 0.5
INDS-3007 Connections/Case Studies 0.5
INDS-3009 Connections/Internship 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
INDS-4004 Context and Departure Points 0.5
GDES 2 Expansions Designated for Industrial Design 1.0
3000 or 4000 2 Courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA, VISC, VISD, or VISM 1.0
GDES-3094 Creative Practice and Change 0.5
INDS-4005 Professional Preparation 0.5
INDS-4006 Meta Project 1 1.0
INDS-4007 Meta Project 2 1.0
INDS-4008 Industrial Design Studio 6: Product Design 1 1.0
INDS-4009 Industrial Design Studio 7: Product Design 2 1.0