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Graphic Design

Pursue studio courses in, brand strategy, editorial and publication design, interactive communication, motion graphics, packaging design, typeface design, wayfinding and information systems.

Student work by Arnaud Brassard, 2009, Graphic Design.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design curriculum has a strong focus on design process, typography, image-making and critical, strategic thinking. It engages you in the creation of principled, conceptually strong, imaginative and formally sound responses to many types of issues.

You'll discover the impact of graphic design in the larger context of culture and society.

You can pursue studio courses in areas of practice such as:

  • Brand strategy
  • Editorial and publication design
  • Interactive communication
  • Motion graphics
  • Packaging design
  • Typeface design
  • Wayfinding and information systems

In fourth year, you'll develop a focused year-long project, reflecting your personal interests and values. You'll work closely with dedicated faculty as well as visiting professionals and critics to complete projects covering a wide range of issues and applications.

You'll also be introduced to the principles of business and professional practice necessary for success in the field of design. A mandatory laptop program enhances your learning and helps you develop essential skills.

Graduates are qualified to work in design studios, cultural institutions and media companies as junior to intermediate graphic designers.

2015/2016 Program Overview

Course Code Course Title Credits
GDES-1009 Communication Design 1 0.5
GDES-1010 Drawing Visualization 0.5
GDES-1014 Colour in Context 0.5
GDES-1015 Typography 1 0.5
GDES-1016 Communication Design 2 0.5
GDES-1017 Photography for Communication 0.5
GDES-1018 Drawing: Translation 0.5
VISC-1001 Global Visual & Material Culture: To 1800 0.5
VISC-1002 Global Visual & Material Culture: To Present 0.5
ENGL-1003 The Essay and the Argument 0.5
ENGL-1004 The Essay and the Argument: ESL 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
GDES-2001 Think Tank 1: Awareness 0.5
GRPH-2003 Time, Motion, Media 0.5
GRPH-2004 Typography 2: Structures 0.5
GRPH-2005 Surface, Object, Space 0.5
GRPH-2006 Graphic Design 1 0.5
GRPH-2007 Graphic Design 2 0.5
GRPH-2008 Typography 3: Advanced Structures 0.5
VISD-2004 History and Evolution of Typography 0.5
VISD-2006 Graphic Design History - 20th Century 0.5
2000 or 3000 1 Course ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
GRPH-3009 Experimental Typography 0.5
GRPH-3010 Graphic Design 3 0.5
GRPH-3011 Graphic Design 4 0.5
GRPH-3012 Research Methods for Graphic Design 0.5
GRPH-3013 Advanced Typography 0.5
GDES 3 Expansion Studios Designated for Graphic Design 1.5
3000 or 4000 2 Courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, or SOSC 1.0
Course Code Course Title Credits
GRPH-4008 Production Processes in Graphic Design 0.5
GRPH-4015 Graphic Design Workshop 1 1.0
GRPH-4016 Graphic Design Workshop 2 1.0
GDES 2 Expansion Studios Designated for Graphic Design 1.0
3000 or 4000 2 Courses ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA, VISC. VISD or VISM 1.0
GDES 3094 Creative Practice and Change 0.5
GDES 4006 Professional Practice for Graphic Design 0.5