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Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies

Mapping all existing and potential studies of the figure and the body in contemporary art practices.

OCAD U classroom painting critique, 2012. Photo by Christina Gapic.

Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies

Traditional figurative study in art institutions involves the rendering of the human form through studio techniques grounded in historical practices.  These observational investigations of the body are not only a basis for figurative painting and sculpture but they also have roots in scientific methodologies generally.  It is at this intersection, that of science and art, where the understanding of physical bodies necessitates thinking outside of “human” and consider wider definitions: the post-human, the non-human and of organisms broadly.

The intention of the Life Studies specialization is to map all existing and potential studies of the figure and the body in contemporary art practices. This interdisciplinary specialization applies scientific methodologies of observation and discernment to investigate the body and embodied knowledge in a studio practice. Students will move through the specialization by studying across course offerings in Art and Liberal Arts & Sciences while building observational and technical skills.”

Upcoming Event

Festival of the Body

Thursday, January 15, 2015 (All day) to Thursday, February 5, 2015 (All day)
In the Great Hall at OCAD University

A month-long series of events and exhibitions for the PanAm/ParaPan Am games and the launch OCADU’s new specialization Life Studies on contemporary studies of the body in art and science.

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2015/2016 Program Overview

Course Code Course Title Credits
VISC-1001 Global Visual & Material Culture: To 1800 0.5
VISC-1002 Global Visual & Material Culture: To Present 0.5
ENGL-1003 The Essay and the Argument 0.5
ENGL-1004 The Essay and the Argument: ESL 0.5
GART-1001 Drawing 1 0.5
GART-1004 Colour Exploration 0.5
GART-1005 Form & Structure 0.5
GART-1006 Time-Based Media 0.5
DRPT-2006 Figurative Drawing 0.5
DRPT-2015 Painting & Digital Imaging 1 0.5
INTM-2004 Sonic Arts 0.5
INTM-2006 Animation Fundamentals 0.5
INTM-2014 The Moving Image: Production I 0.5
FABR-2003 Intro to Fabrication: Mouldmaking 0.5
PHOT-2002 Black & White Photo I 0.5
PRNT-2001 Screenprinting 0.5
GART-1003 Digital Practices: Globalization 0.5
GART-1010 Digital Practices: Body and Technology 0.5
GART-1015 Creative Process: Painting 0.5
GART-1017 Creative Process: Printmaking 0.5
GART-1018 Creative Process: Wearable Art 0.5
GART-1019 Process of Digital Printmaking 0.5
GART-1021 Creative Process: Photography 0.5
GART-1022 Creative Process: 2D Animation 0.5
GART-1025 Narrative Strategies: Photo 0.5
GART-1026 Indigenous Sculpt Strategies 0.5
GART-1028 Nature & Culture: Drawing 0.5
GART-1030 Nature & Culture: Curatorial 0.5
GART-1031 Nature & Culture: Multidisciplinary Approaches 0.5
GART-1032 Site & Intervention: Critical Practices 0.5
GART-1034 Site & Intervention: New Media 0.5
GART-1035 Site & Intervention: SCIN 0.5
GART-1036 Creative Process: Art & Code 0.5
GART-1037 Creative Musical Instruments 0.5
GART-1038 Paper Cut-Outs & 3D Pop-Ups 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
LIFE-2001 Life Studies Studio I 0.5
LIFE-2002 Life Studies Studio II 0.5
VISA-2002 History of Modern Art 0.5
SCTM-2002 Human Form and Function: Anatomy 0.5
DRPT-2006 Figurative Drawing 0.5
DRPT-2014 Anatomy for Artists 0.5
SCTM-2001 Introduction to Biology 0.5
HUMN-2005 Nature, Culture and the Environment 0.5
CRCP-2001 Contemporary Issues: CRCP 0.5
DRPT-2009 Contemporary Issues: DRPT 0.5
INTM-2010 Contemporary Issues: INTM 0.5
PHOT-2005 Contemporary Issues: PHOT 0.5
PRNT-2015 Contemporary Issues: PRNT 0.5
SCIN-2006 Contemporary Issues: SCIN 0.5
DRPT-2001 Painting: Observation 0.5
DRPT-2008 Issues of Representation 0.5
DRPT-2010 Figurative Painting 0.5
DRPT-2015 Painting & Digital Imaging 1 0.5
INTM-2001 The Moving Image: Fiction 0.5
INTM-2002 Performance by Artists 0.5
INTM-2011 Intro to Electronics 0.5
INTM-2013 The Moving Image: Non-Fiction 0.5
INTM-2016 3D Modelling & Animation 0.5
PHOT-2001 Photography: Light and Studio 0.5
PHOT-2002 Black & White Photo I 0.5
PHOT-2003 Intro to Photography: Colour 0.5
PHOT-2004 Intro to Photography: Digital 0.5
SCIN-2001 Intermedia: Body and Object 0.5
SCIN-2002 Nature, Art & Transformation 0.5
SCIN-2008 Life Study for Sculpture I 0.5
SCIN-2009 Life Study for Sculpture II 0.5
2000 Art elective 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
LIFE-3001 Life Studies Studio III 1.0
CROS-3011 Learning in the Field I 0.25
CROS-3012 Learning in the Field II 0.25
DRPT-3001 Intermediate Figure Painting 0.5
DRPT-3002 Intermediate Figure Drawing 0.5
DRPT-3014 Meta-Figure: The Body in Paint 0.5
DRPT-3026 Painting and Digital Imaging 2 0.5
INTM-3004 Media & Social Change 0.5
INTM-3007 Mechanics Studio 0.5
INTM-3010 Performance Studio 0.5
INTM-3018 Experimental Film 0.5
PHOT-3001 Medium and Large Format Photo 0.5
PHOT-3009 Light & Shadow 0.5
PHOT-3014 Reconsidering Documentary Photography 0.5
PHOT-3016 Face Forward 0.5
SCIN-3004 Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture 0.5
SCIN-3005 Life Study for Sculpture III 0.5
SCIN-3006 The Immaterial & the Material 0.5
ENGL-3003 Science and Technology in Literature 0.5
HUMN-2006 The Culture of Science 0.5
HUMN-3003 Environmental Ethics 0.5
HUMN-3009 Sexualities and Representation 0.5
HUMN-3010 Aesthetics of Well Being 0.5
SCTM-3003 Biological Principles of Sustainability 0.5
SOSC-3002 Sociology of the Body 0.5
SOSC-3005 Mental Health: Science, Culture, Society 0.5
VISA-3006 Art of the Italian Renaissance 0.5
VISA-3008 Conceptual Art Practices 0.5
VISA-3012 Latin American Art 0.5
VISA-3015 Issues in First Nations Art 0.5
VISA-4015 Art of the Black Diaspora 0.5
VISA-4016 Contemporary East Asian Art 0.5
VISM-3005 Technology & Digital Culture 0.5
2000 or 3000 Art elective 0.5
2000 or 3000 1 Course ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA, VISC, VISD or VISM 0.5
Course Code Course Title Credits
TBD Life Studies Capstone: Research 1.0
TBD Life Studies Capstone: Presentation 1.0
INTM-4003 Art, Science and Nature 0.5
VISM-4006 Body and Machine: the Posthuman 0.5
DRPT-4001 Advanced Painting: Figurative 0.5
DRPT-4002 Advanced Drawing: Figurative 0.5
INTM-4001 Media Installations 0.5
INTM-4005 Co-Lab 0.5
INTM-4006 Documentary Media 0.5
INTM-4009 Advanced Cinematic Production 0.5
PHOT-4003 The Body and the Lens 0.5
PHOT-4006 Staged and Imagined 0.5
PHOT-4012 Photography: Time and Stillness 0.5
SCIN-4001 Public Art 0.5
SCIN-4003 The Human Figure in Contemporary Sculpture 0.5
SCIN-4004 Parody, Satire & Resistance 0.5
ENGL-4002 Diasporic Literatures 0.5
ENGL-4006 Queer Literature 0.5
HUMN-4003 Health & Wellness: Ethics and Cultural Politics 0.5
SCTM-4002 Genomics to Genetic Engineering 0.5
VISA-4002 Performance and Performativity 0.5
VISA-4007 The Senses in Artistic Practice 0.5
VISM-4001 Experimental Film & Media 0.5
VISM-S4002 Looking and Motion: Mobile Practices & Technology 0.5