Studying in Florence

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Florence Information Sessions:

Come hear from students and faculty about their unique experiences within the program, what you could expect in studying abroad, and how to apply.

Thursday October 6th, 2016
12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
MCA 605

Tuesday November 8th, 2016
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
MCA 415

Florence Exhibition:
October 17th to 23rd, 2016
Great Hall (MCA 270)

Florence Off-Campus Studies program overview

OCAD U Florence Off-Campus Studies was established in 1974. Since then, our program in Florence has annually provided a rich and challenging cultural experience for both students and faculty at OCAD U. This European campus offers a facilitated, directed study approach to learning and is open each year to a limited number of students from all areas who have completed at least two years of study (including 1.0 credits of 200-level Liberal Studies, of which 0.5 must be VISC).

While in Florence, students develop a body of work in a communal studio setting and study art history amidst a backdrop of architectural and artistic treasures from the Italian Renaissance. The studio component of Florence Off-Campus Studies is coordinated each year by different faculty members, while the history component is taught by our Florence resident expert on Italian art history.

Florence Off-Campus Studies offers different levels of learning: 300 level, 400 level and an Advanced Visual Studies Certificate (PDF) for those who wish to further develop their studio practice and study abroad following graduation. Students are required to register for the Art History component along with Florence Directed Study studio credits at their year level. Students are responsible for understanding and fulfilling the overall Liberal Studies and Studio-Seminar requirements for their stream. Students who attend a full year in Florence take Florence Studio courses in lieu of specific courses required by majors and non-majors in their program at the home campus. At the 400 level, students pursuing a major undertake thesis work towards graduation in their discipline.

Design students should consult the Faculty of Design for academic advising before applying for Florence Off-Campus Studies.

Eligibility for year 3 and year 4 in Florence

Year 3: Students must have completed 10 credits by May and have an overall average of 70% in order to pursue third-year studies in Florence.

Year 4: Students must have completed 15 credits by May and have an overall average of 70% in order to pursue fourth year studies in Florence.

All students must have completed 1.0 credits of 200 level Liberal Studies, of which 0.5 must be VISA/VISC/VISD/VISM.

If you are currently a part-time student, your admission to the Florence Off-Campus Studies program is conditional upon your approved transfer from part-time to full-time status. You are responsible for applying for this transfer. Application to Change Registration Status (PDF) forms are available online or at the Information Desk in the Office of the Registrar (Level 5, 230 Richmond Street W).

All eligible applicants are contacted in early February to set up a portfolio interview with the Florence coordinators.

Florence Program Portfolio Interview Information (PDF).

The 2016/2017 Florence Program Student Handbook (PDF) is now online. Filled with just about everything you may want to know about studying and living in Florence; what you need to take with you; what to expect when you are there; what to explore. This publication began in 1975/1976, with updates completed each year from Florence faculty and students. We hope that it helps you to see the city of Florence as yours to discover, to experience and to enjoy.

Next application deadline
The application deadline for the 2017/2018 academic year is Friday, January 13, 2017. 

Download the 2017/2018 Florence Off-Campus Studies Program Application Form (PDF)
Download the 2017/2018 Advanced Visual Studies Certificate Application Form (PDF)

Additional information

Florence catalogues: (works from the Florence Studio)

Florence 2008/2009 catalogue (PDF)
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Florence 2007/2008 catalogue (PDF)
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Florence 2006/2007 catalogue (PDF)
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Please contact Vivian So in the Faculty of Art at 416-977-6000, Ext. 307, for more information.