Social Sciences Minor

A minor in Social Sciences enables students to master a second teachable subject they can combine with their Art or Design major if they intend to pursue a teaching career at the secondary or primary levels. Students may also find that adding Social Sciences as a second area of expertise will further prepare them for graduate studies. The Social Sciences are increasingly important to design practice. Social Science subjects have emerged as a key addition to practice-based studio degrees as they open new career opportunities in design ethnography, marketing and other design-based consultancy applications that rely on Social Science methodologies and practices.

Please note not all courses are offered every year. 

Required courses:
SOSC 2001 Introduction to Social Science: People & Social Worlds
SOSC 2005
Introduction to Media Studies
Take four courses from the following list:
(At least three of the four courses must be taken at the 3000 or 4000 level).
SOSC 2003 The Basics of Doing Human-Centred Research in Art and Design  
SOSC 3001 Material Culture and Consumer Society  
SOSC 3002 Sociology of the Body
SOSC 3003
Childhood, Families and Social Change
SOSC 3004
Social Psychology and Consumer Behaviour
SOSC 3005
Mental Health: Science, Culture, Society
SOSC 3009
Taronton, Onitariio, Kanata
SOSC 3007
Cultural Geographies: Narrative, Landscape and Community  
SOSC 4001 Risk and Society
SOSC 4003
(Re)Writing Culture: Reflexive Ethnography in a Globalized World
SOSC 4002
Gender, Globalization and Social Change
Total Credits