Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation Minor 2015/2016

The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is a distinctive, interdisciplinary, course of study for those seeking to develop business expertise that is applicable to the creative industries. The aim of the Minor is to develop the capabilities of those working in the creative industries so that they can engage with the world of business in an informed manner. The program is open to all students from across the University. Unlike a traditional business program or series of courses, this Minor gives art and design students the opportunity to grasp the broader context of economics, management, socio-cultural, and environmental issues, social and technological trends changing the global economic landscape and to apply these perspectives to their creative practice. Students will develop a range of transferable skills and the confidence to apply their skills to real business challenges in creative environments. Students are able to tailor their learning so that it enriches their scholarship in their Major Program of study.

 Required Liberal Arts & Sciences courses:
SOSC 2004
 Business, Leadership & Social Innovation (Core)
SOSC 3010
 Creative Economies (Core)

Choose 1 School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) electives                     
Choose 3 Studio OR School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) electives




School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) courses that can be taken as electives in the minor
BUSI 2001
Introduction to Business
BUSI 3001
Project Management
BUSI 3003
Business Ethics, Sustainability and Social Responsibility
BUSI 3002
IP: The Value of Intangibles
BUSI 3004
Digital Business: Monetising
BUSI 4001
BUSI 4002
Understanding Trends
DIGF 4001
Leadership in the Digital Economy
DIGF 5001
IP: Getting Value from Your Creativity
Faculty of Art & Faculty of Design studio courses that can be taken as electives in the minor
 GDES 3081
Introduction to Design Management
 GDES 3011
Socially Responsible Design Practices
 GDES 3094
Creative Practice: Preparing for Change
 GDES 3005
Guerrilla Entrepreneurship
 GDES 3009
Art of Presentation
 INTM 4008
Managing Production of Media
 SCIN 4001
Public Art for Sculptors
 CRCP 2002
Museums, Galleries and Alternative Spaces
The following courses may be considered as electives in the minor depending on the specific project focus of the student.

Students must apply to their program chair for a recommendation to use these courses in the minor and then be approved by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies office.

 INDS 3007
 Connections/Case Studies
 INDS 3009
 GDES 3076
Design Forge
 GDES 3019
Design Study Abroad
 GDES 4003
 VISD 5B91
The City as a Site of Social Justice