Digital & Media Studies Minor 2015/2016

A minor in Digital & Media Studies offers an exciting opportunity for students to improve their critical writing and analytical skills by taking additional courses beyond their studio based Art and Design programs. The Digital & Media Studies minor focuses on contemporary history and theory, and enables students to integrate new technologies and digital practices into their work as a natural progression of their learning. This minor provides students with the critical background and breadth necessary to broaden their understanding of digital media technology, as they prepare for studio or academic graduate studies programs.

Please note that not all courses are offered every year. 

Required: choose one of the following core courses:
SOSC 2005
Introduction to Media Studies

VISM 2001
Introduction to Film Studies  
VISM 2002 
History of New Media Art  
VISM 2004
Web Theory
Take five courses from the list below:
(At least three out of the five courses must be taken at the 300 or 400 level)
ENGL 3003 Science and Technology in Literature
ENGL 4003
Transmedia Texts
HUMN 3001 Reading Popular Culture  
HUMN 3005 Ethics and the Visual Arts  
HUMN 3006 Ethics, Advertising and Design  
SCTM 2005 Introduction to Computer Science: Logic & Coding  
SOSC 2005
Introduction to Media Studies
VISA 2003
History of Photography
VISA 3016 
Photographic Practices, Theory and Criticism
VISA 3022
History and Methods in Visual & Critical Studies
VISM 2001 Introduction to Film Studies  
VISM 2002 History of New Media Art  
VISM 2003 Introduction to Games Studies  
VISM 2004 Web Theory  
VISM 3001 
Critical Play  
VISM 3004 Television Criticism  
VISM 3005 Technology and Digital Culture  
VISM 3006 Canadian Cinema  
VISM 3007 Japanese Cinema  
VISM 4001 Experimental Film and Media
VISM 4002 
Sound, Politics, & Media Art  
VISM 4003 Contemporary Documentary Media  
VISM 4007
Feminist Film and Video  
VISM 4004 Future Cinema: Digital Narratives
VISM 4009 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance  
VISM 4008 Images and Practices of Technology  
VISM 4006 The Body & the Machine: Interrogating the Posthuman in Art & Design  

Special Topics upon approval by Associate Deans in Liberal Arts & Sciences and
School of Interdisciplinary Studies.
Total Credits

Important note:

  • Carefully check anti-requisities to ensure you do not repeat courses.