Art History Minor 2015/2016

A minor in Art History is ideal for students planning to pursue Art or Design studio career practices. It is an important addition for students who wish to pursue graduate studies either in art history and theory, arts administration, or teaching. The Art History minor includes a wide range of historical and contemporary art history courses. Students may choose to focus on specific areas such contemporary art history (20th century), European art history, global art history (non-Western) or on issues in criticism and theory.

Take at least one of these two required courses:
VISA 2001 Art and Globalization 1250 to 1800

VISA 2002
History of Modern Art

Take five courses from the following list:

(At least three out of the five courses must be taken at the 300 or 400 level).

(At least one course (0.5 credit) must be taken from each of the following areas: Global Perspectives, Indigenous and Canadian Art, and Pre-1850.)

Art History: Global Perspectives (minimum of 0.5 credits required)

VISA 3001
The Arts of Africa
VISA 3012
Latin American Art: Indigenous and Hybrid Cultures
VISA 3017
South Asian Art and Culture: Vision of the Sacred
VISA 3028 Art and Architecture of the Islamic World
VISA 3024 East Asian Art
VISA 4001 Contemporary Latin American Art
VISA 4015
Art of the Black Diaspora
VISA 4016 Contemporary East Asian Art
VISA 4006
Modern Korean Art & Society
VISA 4021 South Asian Art and Culture: Multiple Modernisms
VISD 3007 Cross Cultural Issues in Craft
VISD 3009 Venacular and Indigenous Design

Art History: Indigenous and Canadian Art ( minimum of 0.5 credits required)

VISA 2006 Canadian Art: The Modern Era
VISA 2012 Aboriginal Art History
VISA 3003 Contemporary Canadian Art
VISA 3015 Critical Issues & Ideas in Contemporary First Nations Art
VISA 3023 Indigenous Cultural Politics: Art and Activism
VISD 3001 Architecture in Canada, Past & Present
VISA 4009
Images of Indigenous People
VISM 4010 Indigenous Media: Film to Digital
VISA 4014 Issues in Inuit Art

(Art History: Pre-1850 (minimum of 0.5 credits required)

VISA 2001 Art and Globalization 1250 to 1800
VISA 2013 The Classical World
VISA 3006 Art of the Italian Renaissance
VISA 3007 Art of the Baroque
VISA 3029
Art in Revolution: European Art 1750 -1850
VISA 3027 Medieval Art and Architecture
VISA 3025 Art of the Northern Renaissance
VISA 4012 Art and Architecture across the Medieval Mediterranean
VISA 4013 Art in the Early Modern Information Society

Art History: General
(does not count towards Pre-1850/Global Perspectives/Indigenous and Canadian Art)
VISC 2016
Visual Culture: Theory and Practice
VISA 2002 History of Modern Art
VISA 2003 History of Photography
VISA 2011 History of Print and Printmaking
VISM 2002
History of New Media Art
VISD 2001 History of Modern Design  
VISD 2003 History of Material Arts: Ancient Egypt to Modern Europe
VISA 3002
Feminism and Art
VISA 3004
Dada and Surrealism
VISA 3008
Conceptual Art Practices
VISA 3011
Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
VISA 3014 The History and Theory of Art Criticism

VISA 3016
Photographic Practices: Theory and Criticism
VISA 3019
Art & Fashion
VISD 3012
The Writing on the Wall: Radical Graphics and the Culture of Protest
VISA 4002
Performance and Performativity
VISA 4003
Studies in Post-War European Art
VISA 4022
Memory and Monuments
VISA 4004
Politics of Painting: Modern Art & Revolution
VISA 4005
Improvisational Music and the Visual Arts
VISA 4007
The Senses in Artistic Practice
VISC 4008
Art and Design Activism
VISC 4005
Urban Life: Art, Design, and the City
VISM 4001
Experimental Film & Media
VISM 4002
Sound, Politics and Media Art
VISM 4007
Feminist Film and Video
VISM 4006
The Body and the Machine: Interrogating the Posthuman in Art and Design
VISD 4002
Contemporary Studies in Architecture and Design
Special Topics upon approval by Associate Deans in Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Important Notes:

  • Criticism & Curatorial Practice majors may not declare Art History as a minor.
  • Carefully check anti-requisites to ensure you do not repeat courses.
Courses no longer offered which may be included in the minor:
HUMN 4B01 Modernism: Critical Perspectives (taken between 2006/2007 and 2011/2012)
Postmodernism: Critical Perspectives (taken between 2002/2003 and 2011/2012)
Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision (taken in 2009/2010)
Modern Mexican Art (taken between 2002/2003 and 2009/2010)
Queer Theory: Sexuality and Representation (taken in 2006/2007)