Faculty Members

Faculty of Art

Antkowiak, MichaelInstructorDrawing and Painting
Astman, BarbaraProfessorContemporary Photography
Digital Imaging
Installation-Based Art
Bariteau, NadineInstructorPrintmaking
Beaudette, CatherineAssociate ProfessorPainting
oil and watercolour
Blanchard, PhilippeAssistant ProfessorAnimation
Digital Media/Installation
Bouabane, KotamaInstructorPhotography
Contemporary Art
Digital Imaging & Darkroom
Brown, AdamAssistant ProfessorSculpture and Installation
Brunet, ClaireAssociate ProfessorSculpture/Installation
Bronze Casting and Digital Processes: Foundry/mouldmaking
3D Digital technology RP
Cain, WendyAssociate ProfessorSilkscreen
Papermaking Pulp Painting
Carr-Harris, IanProfessorInstallation Art
Art Writing
Cassady, JackAssociate ProfessorLithography
Printmaking/Digital Printmaking
Acrylic Painting
Charbonneau, MarieAssistant ProfessorAcrylic Painting
Colour Theory and Practice
Choi, EstherAssistant ProfessorHistory and Theory of Architecture
Criticism and Curatorial Practice
Clarkson, DavidInstructorDrawing, Painting
Display Practice
Digital Audio and Video
Cole, JanisProfessorFilmmaking, Documentary,
Screenwriting, Cinema Theory,
Film Critique and Review
Collins, NicoleInstructorPainting
Materials & Processes
Coull, JohnAssistant ProfessorFilm/Video Production
Production Management
Daley, CathyAssociate ProfessorDrawing
Damery, GregAssistant ProfessorLandscape Painting
Delisle, PhilipInstructorPainting
Contemporary Art
Devine, BonnieAssociate ProfessorSculpture/Installation
Indigenous Visual Culture
Curatorial Practice
Doyle, JudithAssociate ProfessorFilm and Installation
Collaboration and Networks
Gesture and Motion Capture
Everingham, ScottAdjunct ProfessorPainting & Drawing
Contemporary Art
Colour Theory and Practice
Fatona, AndreaAssistant ProfessorCuratorial practice
Black Studies
Contemporary Art
Forsyth, MichelleAssociate ProfessorWater-based Painting
Professional Practices
Colour Theory and Practice
Foster, ToriAdjunct ProfessorEmergent Behaviour
Pattern Visualization
Space-Time Relationship
Fung, RichardProfessorMedia Art
Art and Social Change
Garnet, EldonProfessorContemporary Photography
Public Art
Gerard, ShannonAssistant ProfessorIndependent Publishing
Artists' Books and Multiples
Hyperbolic Crochet
Glass, SimonAssociate ProfessorPhotography
Image and text
Language, Translation theory
Griffin, DavidInstructorPainting
Henderson, LeeInstructorLens-based media
Contemporary art
Conceptual practices
Hickox, AprilAssociate ProfessorContemporary Photography
Householder, JohannaProfessorPerformance art
Contemporary issues in performance and media
Video, installation, curation, collaboration
Jarvis, BentleyAssistant Professorelectroacoustic music
computer animation
Johnson, RaeAssociate ProfessorContemporary Art
Adobe Photoshop/AE
Julian, BettyInstructorContemporary art curator
Photography, film & video
Keeler, StuartInstructorSculpture
Art in Public Space
Krzyzanowski, StanAssociate ProfessorFabrication / Sculpture (Wood) / Trees and Growth / Grafting and Pruning-based art
Integrated Media / Photography / Video / Time-Lapse / Stop Motion / HTML / Screen-Capture / CHDK camera hacking
Education - Teaching and Learning
Kubis, AndaAssociate Dean
Laliberte, ColetteAssociate ProfessorDrawing and Painting
Wall Work
Site Specific Installation
Langill, CarolineAssociate ProfessorNew media art history
cultural history/Canada
media installation
Lebouthillier, FrancisAssistant Professor
Lee, JJAssistant Professorpainting (mixed media)
drawing (mixed media)
identity politics
Legare, GinetteProfessorSculpture
Mixed media
Leo, NinaAssistant ProfessorSculpture/ Installation
Public practice
Liddington, DerekInstructordrawing
Luca, BogdanInstructorPainting
Martinello, LindaInstructorDrawing
Mead, WrikAssistant ProfessorAnimation
Cinematic Production & Post-Production
Millard, LauraAssociate ProfessorAbstract Painting
Contemporary Art
Nicholls, RobInstructorDrawing and painting
Nind, SarahAssociate ProfessorContemporary Art, Photo-based & mixed media work
Olley, JamesAssistant ProfessorPainting
Page, MichaelAssistant Professor3D Visualization
3D animation, VR, AR & MR
Painter, LukeAssociate ProfessorDrawing
Paterson, NancyAssociate ProfessorInteractive Media
Net-Based Projects
Patterson, PamInstructorArt(s) Education
Critical, Cultural and Curatorial Studies
Performance Art
Patton, AndyInstructorpainting
contemporary art
Phillips, PauletteProfessorContemporary Art
Installation, Film, Video,
Cultural Theory Modernism & Architecture
Pierce, SashaInstructorAbstract Painting
Pugen, DianeAssociate Professor
Pye, NicholasAssistant ProfessorPhotography
Film and Video
Performance / Installation
Railton, EchoInstructorDrawing
Graphic Design
Rudder, JenniferAssociate ProfessorCuratorial Practice
Art writing and Criticism
Art Administration
Scopick, DavidProfessorDigital Photography, Black-and-white Photography
Lighting & Studio Still Life Photography
Historical Photographic Processes
Shea, GeoffreyAssociate ProfessorDigital Media
Video Installation
Mobile Media
Siemens, LukeInstructordrawing
digital media
Singh, MeeramargaretInstructorPhotography
Contemporary Issues, Criticism
Sloggett, PaulProfessorAbstract Painting
Acrylic Painting
Solomon, DanielProfessorDrawing
Spicanovic, VladimirDean
Sramek, PeterProfessorBlack-and-white Photography
Digital Imaging
Book Arts
Stuart, BethInstructorpainting
art criticism
Suddick, JennieAssistant Professor
Swartz, AmyInstructorDrawing, Sculpture and Installation
Tan, ChinkokAssistant ProfessorWatercolour
Waldburger, NatalieChairContemporary Drawing, Painting and Print Media
Life Studies and Figuration: Drawing and Painting
Walker, GeorgeAssociate ProfessorPrintmaking
Artists' Books
White, MicheleProfessorMedia & Materials
Whitton, SylviaAssociate ProfessorColor Theory and Practice, Mixed Media
Painting, Drawing, Figuration
Yael, BhProfessor

Faculty of Design

Adams, DebbieProfessorDesign Communications
Environmental Graphic Design
Adams, KathrynInstructorIllustration
Aloisi, PaulInstructorEnvironmental Design
Public Intervention
Site Specific Installation
Aoki, NickInstructor
Astrug, MichelleAssistant ProfessorMotion Graphics
Graphic Design
Ayre, DominicInstructorTypography
Graphic Design
Balabanoff, DoreenAssociate ProfessorArchitecture
Environmental colour and light
Architectural glass
Blum, AnnetteAssociate ProfessorCorporate Graphic Design
Bowes, JeremyProfessorInterior Architecture, Architecture and Systems,
Environmental Design, Design Methodology
Systems Design Thinking & Approaches
Burbach, FrederickAssociate ProfessorStrategic Brand Development
Communication Design
History of Typography
Campbell, MarkAssociate ProfessorWorkplace Furniture
Health Care Furniture
Brand Identity & Communication
Candy, StuartAssistant ProfessorStrategic Foresight
Experiential Futures
Design Fiction
Chan, PeterInstructorIllustration
Chiotti, RobertoAssistant ProfessorArchitecture
Sustainable Design
Coburn, TavisInstructorIllustration
Coppin, PeterAssistant ProfessorInclusive Design
Perceptual-Cognitive Approaches to Design
Visual Art and Design
Dallas, PaulProfessorIllustration
Fine Art
Davila, PatricioAssistant ProfessorGraphic Design
Interactive and Locative Media
Data Visualization
Dawson, RosieInstructorSustainability in architecture
Healthcare design
Design for education
Day, ChristieInstructorWriting
Instructional Design
Dean, SkipInstructorFood
Desai, MayaAssistant ProfessorUrban and Ecological Design
Health, Culture and Human-Environment Interaction
Technology in Urban Design and Planning
Downing, MarcAssistant ProfessorPublic and community architecture
Water and architecture
Architecture and music
Dunkelman, AviAssociate ProfessorCorporate Design
Branding and Visual Identity
Epp, PaulProfessorFurniture
Product Design
Exhibit Design
Fishauf, LouisInstructorDesign
Art Direction
Fofana, RichardInstructorAdvertising
Communications Strategy
Consumer & Media Insights
Gerry, HowardAssociate ProfessorInterior Planning
Industrial Design
Universal and Accessible Design
Giraudy, CherylAssociate ProfessorArchitecture and Inclusive Design
Facilities Planning for Accessible Wayfinding
Goodall, DerwynAssistant ProfessorGraphic Design
Branding & Design Systems
Goso, NickAssistant ProfessorDigital Media
Media LIteracy
Creative Direction
Goss, JulesAssistant ProfessorProduct Design
Strategic Design Process
Design for Healthcare
Grant, RoderickChairVisual Journalism
Design Process
Architectural & Urban Theory
Graziano, RosalindaInstructorArt Direction
Creative Direction
Storyteller + Idea Generator
Harfoush, NabilAssociate ProfessorInnovation Leadership
Business Model Innovation
Information Networks
Heller, LynneAssistant Professor
Hewgill, JodyAssistant ProfessorIllustration
Hilborn, AdamInstructordrawing
art direction
Hodgson, PaulInstructorGraphic Design, Typography
Hunt, RichardAssistant ProfessorTypography
Information Design
Research Methods
Hunter, TedAssistant ProfessorWood
Jacob, MarcoAssistant ProfessorArchitecture
Furniture Design
Graphic Design
Jaroszewicz, MarkInstructorCeramics
Jones, PeterAssociate ProfessorSocial and Design Research
Services / Systems Design for Healthcare
Social Systems Design
Kedey, SandraChairStrategic Brand building
Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising
Marketing Innovation/Inclusive Design
Kim, Chung-ImAssociate ProfessorSurface Design
Silk Screen Printing
Knaff, Jean-christianAssociate ProfessorIllustration
Event Art Direction and Design
Ladly, MarthaProfessorDesign, Media & Art Research
Interdisciplinary & Feminist Studies
Interaction Design, Digital Media, Mobile Design, Data Visualisation
Lamont, SylvieInstructorCreative Direction
Content Creation
Lawrason, JuneInstructorIllustration
Graphic Design
Lee, RaneeAssistant Professor
Liaw, AnsonInstructorIllustration
Drawing for art direction and storytelling
Drawing for creative problem solving
Ludwig, GaryInstructorBrand identity
Macalik, JanaAssociate DeanExhibition Design
Interior Design
Design Research
Mahler, HarryProfessorElectronic Design
Industrial Design
Manu, AlexanderProfessorStrategic Foresight and Innovation
Industrial Design
Design Research
Maxwell, JamesInstructorMetal Fabrication and Design
May, ChrisInstructorDigital & Mobile: Marketing, Advertising, Branding & User Experience
McArthur, GlennAssistant ProfessorGraphic Design
Colour & Two Dimensional Design
History of Graphic Design
McCrum, GuyAssistant ProfessorVisual communications
Photography digital and traditional
Meirelles, IsabelProfessorInformation Design & Visualization
Communication Design
Millerson, DorieChairTextiles
Craft History and Theory
Mitchell, RobertAssistant ProfessorJewellery Design
Moorehead, ChristopherInstructorInformation Design
Wayfinding Systems
Morris, KathleenInstructorTextile Construction
Dye and Resist Techniques
Craft Theory
Nicholson, LewisAssociate ProfessorCommunication
Nicoll, GayleProfessorHealth Design
Environment-based Health Policy and Practice
Human/Environmental Behaviour
Noble, CrawfordInstructorIndustrial Design
Table top, Healthcare, Furniture
Oakley, JacquiInstructorIllustration
Panton, DougAssociate ProfessorIllustration
Digital Media
Design illustration
Peteran, GordonProfessorObjects
Power, StephanieInstructorbook illustration & design
Price, MeghanInstructorWeaving
Contemporary Art
Quirt, MelvinProfessorEnvironmental Design
Interior Design
Reid, ColleenAssociate DeanArchitecture
Interior Design
Interior Planning
Reid, LauchieInstructorIllustration
Fine Art
Painting and Drawing
Richards, LenoreProfessorRetail Design
Exhibition Design
Rivers, BenjaminInstructorWeb Design
Game Design
Rushton, KeithProfessorCorporate Graphic Design
Rutgers, JobProfessorExperience Design
Strategic Design
Ambient Experience Design
Schein, ValerieInstructorCorporate Identity
Promotional Materials
Seeschaaf Veres, AngelikaChairIndustrial, furniture & retail Design
User centered design
Mass production & customisation
Sellen, KateAssistant ProfessorDesign for Healthcare
Interaction Design
Design Research
Sevalrud, ThomInstructorIllustration
Visual Communication
Shoffner, TerryAssociate ProfessorIllustration
Illustration Design
Snow, NancyAssistant Professor
Stein, SuzanneAssociate ProfessorForesight
Stirling, AlexInstructorAdvertising & Marketing
Sutton, CathieInstructorAnthropology, Indigenous Visual Culture
Taxali, GaryAssociate ProfessorIllustration
Fine Art
Toy Company
Tholen, MarkAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental Design
Building Systems & Sustainability
Thomas, KirstinInstructorGraphic Design
Thorne, DavidAssistant ProfessorBranding
Graphic design
Todd, JonInstructorIllustration
Contemporary Art
Print Making
Tompkins, KatrinaInstructorWoodwork
Furniture Design
Tranum, SarahAssistant ProfessorStrategic Design
Treviranus, JuttaProfessorInclusive Design
Inclusive Education
Urban, AnnAssociate ProfessorMarketing
Van Alstyne, GregAssociate ProfessorStrategic Foresight and Innovation
Experience and Interaction Design
Creative Direction and Typeface Design
Vasic, ZoricaInstructorDrawing
Colour research
Vickerson, KenAssociate ProfessorGoldsmithing
Stone Setting
Lost Wax Casting
Von Ompteda, KarinAssistant ProfessorData Visualisation
Graphic Design
Wassink, LaurieInstructorTextiles
Werle, StuartAssociate ProfessorPackaging Design - Surface Graphics & Structure
Branding - Retail & Corporate
Wilson, DavidInstructorTypography
Publication Design
Theatre Poster Design
Young, JackieInstructorPublication Design
Typographic Design
Design for computer reading and comprehension

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Allen, LillianProfessor
Black, CatherineAssistant ProfessorCreative Writing
Critical Writing
Bresnahan, KeithAssociate ProfessorHistory of Architecture and Design
Design and Politics
Critical Theory
Bullen, RossInstructorAmerican Literature
American Studies
Cultural Studies
Chakrabarty, AnandaAssistant ProfessorModern & Contemporary Art & Theory
Interdisciplinary studies (Improvisational music - Visual Art - Literature)
South Asian Visual Culture
Clarke, IanAssociate DeanScience (Biology and Chemistry)
Biomimicry Design
Coffey, HeatherAssistant ProfessorMedieval Mediterranean Art and Architecture
Islamic Art and Architecture
Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
Diaz, RobertAssistant ProfessorGender and Sexuality Studies
Asian Diasporic Literature (Including Asian Canadian)
Postcolonial and Filipino/a Studies
Dickinson, MarkAssistant ProfessorHumanities
Indigenous Studies
Canadian Studies
Donegan, RosemaryAdjunct ProfessorCurating
Drobnick, JimAssociate ProfessorContemporary Art and Postmedia Practices
Curating and Criticism
Flisfeder, MatthewInstructorFilm, Media and Cultural Theory
Ideology Critique and Discourse Analysis
Cultural Psychoanalysis, Subjectivity and Identity
Gardner, PaulaAdjunct ProfessorMedia, Feminist and Cultural Studies
Science and Technology Studies
Mobile Experience Design
Gordon, SpencerInstructorCreative Writing
Essay Writing
Contemporary Literature
Graham, ArchieProfessor EmeritusAsian philosophy and culture
Modern and postmodern continental European philosophy and culture
Environmental Ethics, Cultural Ethics, Health & Wellness Ethics
Haladyn, JulianInstructorModern and Contemporary Art
Cultural and Critical Theory
Dada and Surrealism
Hartman, KateAssociate ProfessorPhysical Computing
Wearable Technology
Isaacs, CamilleAssistant ProfessorPostcolonial Literature and Theory
Black Atlantic Studies
Diasporic and Transnational Studies
Jenkins, AndrewInstructorBusiness
Kara, SelminAssistant Professordigital cinema
contemporary documentary
film and new media studies
Kiloh, KathyAssistant Professorethics and aesthetics
political thought
critical theory
Kingsburgh, RobinAssistant ProfessorAstronomy, Physics
Langill, CarolineDeanCuratorial Studies
Digital and Electronic Media
Art, Science and Technology
Lauzon, ClaudetteAssistant Professor
Leeming, BillAssociate ProfessorSociology
Social Science Methods
Science & Technology Studies
Lotfabadi, RamtinInstructorSystems Design Engineering
Human Factors
McIntosh, DavidAssociate ProfessorMedia Studies
Digital Theory and Production
Network Theory
McLean-Knapp, SarahAssistant ProfessorHistory and Theory of Graphic Design and Illustration
Scholarship of Pedagogy
Visual and Cultural Studies
McMaster, GeraldProfessorCuratorial Studies
Indigenous Visual History and Aesthetics
Contemporary Indigenous Art (First Nations, Inuit, Métis)
Milgram, LynneProfessorEconomy
Miller, MichelleInstructorAcademic Writing - ELL
Comics and Graphic Texts
Creative Writing
Moser, GabrielleAdjunct ProfessorArt Criticism
Photography history and theory
Contemporary Art
Myzelev, AllaInstructorcraft and design history
contemporary textile art
Nay, EricAssociate Professordesign culture, history and theory
sustainable and vernacular design
O'Mahony, MarieProfessorWearable Technology
Smart Materials + Systems
Fashion, Sportswear + Textiles
Ordonez, Maria-BelenAssistant ProfessorEthnographies of Pleasure/Affect
Queer-Feminist Ethnography/Theory
Sexual Citizenship
Park, SoyangAssistant ProfessorVisual Culture theory
Contemporary Art of Korea and East Asia
Prokopow, MichaelAssociate DeanMaterial Culture / European and North American history 1600 onwards
Design History, Craft History, Aesthetic and Cultural Theory
Museum Practice / Curatorial Practice
Puckett, NickChairResponsive Architecture
Smart Materials
Digital Fabrication
Rauch, BarbaraAssociate Professorpractice-led research
emotion and consciousness studies
sensory technologies
Reeve, CharlesAssociate ProfessorHistory of Modern/Contemporary Art
History of Art Criticism
Artists' Autobiographies
Rice, RyanChairIndigenous Art
Curatorial Practice
Contemporary Art
Rubenzahl, IanInstructorProject Management
Digital Strategy
Web Intelligence
Smith, MathewInstructorContemporary Art
Curatorial Studies
Art Criticism
Sutton, MalcolmInstructor
Therrien, Marie-joseeAssociate ProfessorCanadian architectural history and design
Architecture in the Canadian Arctic (Inuit culture)
Museum Administration
Tindale, AdamAssociate DeanNew Interfaces for Musical Expression
Music Technology
Creative Programming
Tomic, MilenaInstructorcontemporary art
art criticism
critical theory
Tuer, DotProfessorArt of the Americas (specific expertise in new media, photography and performance)
Latin American colonial history
Postcolonial and cultural theory
Tulk, StephenAssistant ProfessorAnatomy for artists
Medical Illustration
Verhagen-Rodis, KatherineInstructorAfrican-diasporic Literature
Publishing in Canada and the Caribbean
Westecott, EmmaAssistant Professorgames
games design
games studies
Weston, AliaAssistant ProfessorCreativity and Entrepreneurship
Social Enterprise and Informal Economy
African and Latin American Management Practices.
Whyte, RyanAssistant Professor18th/19th-century art history, Critical theory, Criticism
Print culture
History of art exhibitions
Wilson, NathanInstructor
Wyman, JessicaAssistant ProfessorContemporary art
Performance studies
Documentation and historiography